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How to preserve fresh dates?

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1. Sand storage: select storage resistant varieties, harvest them when they are first red to half red, select non injurious jujube fruits, choose a cool and humid place, lay 3cm thick wet sand on the bottom layer, put a layer of fresh jujube (the thickness of one jujube), then lay a layer of sand, then put the second layer of jujube, then lay sand, and then put the third layer of jujube, so as to stack them to 30cm high. In order to prevent the sand from drying, the surface can be sprayed with clean water to supplement the humidity. This method can be stored for more than one month, the jujube fruit is fresh, tender, crisp and sweet, and the nutritional loss is less
  2. Refrigeration: choose 25% – 50% colored fresh dates and put them in a plastic bag with a capacity of 1kg. Make 3-4 small holes with a diameter of 3-4mm on both sides of the bag. Soak the selected fruit in 2% calcium chloride solution for 30 minutes, pre cool it at 7-8 ℃ for 1-2 days, and then move it into the cold storage at 0 ± 1 ℃ and store it at 60% relative humidity. At this time, the relative humidity in the plastic bag is kept above 90%. Check once every 3-5 days, and then every 7-10 days
3. In addition, making fresh dates into preserves is another way to preserve them

use vacuum packaging. Use airtight food bags to put fresh dates, use vacuum packaging machine (sold in the market for household use) or vacuum cupping device to extract the air from the bag and seal it. Food bag sealing machines are also available. They are very cheap, or they can be sealed by heating with a saw blade.

I. cold storage method

the jujube shall be pre cooled, disinfected and sterilized before storage. Before pre cooling, the storage temperature shall be reduced to – 2 degrees. During pre cooling, the internal temperature of the storage temperature shall be kept at 0 degrees. At the same time, it shall be fumigated, sterilized and disinfected with TBZ aerosol (3-6g /M). After pre cooling, the jujube shall be packed in the warehouse and lined with 0.03-0.05mm perforated polyethylene film bag. The jujube should be cooled quickly after being put into storage. The storage temperature should be 0 ℃ and the warehouse temperature should be – 1 ℃


temperature is the most important environmental factor affecting the storage life of fresh jujube. In a certain temperature range, the lower the temperature, the better the storage effect. Below 0 ℃, the respiratory intensity of jujube is less than 50% of that of jujube under 20 ℃. At the same time, low temperature can slow down the transpiration rate of fruit water and inhibit microbial activities. However, if the temperature is lower than the freezing point of jujube fruit, it will cause frostbite to jujube fruit. The freezing point of different jujube fruits is different, which needs to be further studied

2. The traditional method of preserving jujube

is mainly to sun the fresh jujube into red jujube or make processed products such as drunk jujube and honey jujube for preservation. Although the red jujube has high sugar content and is resistant to storage and transportation, the VC content is only 0.12 ~ 0.19% Mg /g, which is reduced to less than 5% of the VC content of fresh jujube, and the VC content of honey jujube can be maintained at 2mg /g, However, the supply period of fresh jujube for processing is short, which seriously affects the yield of honey jujube

IV. controlled atmosphere method

by regulating the gas composition in the storage environment of jujube, it can regulate the respiration of fruit and inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, so as to achieve the purpose of preservation. At present, the research results of the influence of gas composition on the effect of controlled atmosphere storage of jujube are different,

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