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How to realize intelligent manufacturing in packaging and printing industry

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the digital intelligent packaging printing factory is an integration of software, hardware technology and management ideas based on Internet technology, Internet of things technology and automatic logistics technology. Enterprise ERP, MRP system, intelligent supply chain system, equipment management system, production management system and big data analysis and cloud system are seamlessly connected and dispatched through the central control platform. So as to realize the planning, design, implementation and operation of the order, personnel, logistics, equipment, warehousing and other integrated systems of the whole plant. The first intelligent packaging and printing factory in China was built in beiren, Shaanxi. With the gradual integration of “Internet +”, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent production, big data and other technologies with the manufacturing industry, it is possible for the packaging and printing industry to upgrade and build an intelligent factory. As early as the end of 2015, Shaanxi beiren had established the intelligent manufacturing business department to gradually develop the digital intelligent (printing) factory project through the introduction of Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and other technologies. In the digital intelligent (printing) factory, from the warehousing of raw materials to the actual production process, and then to the final product delivery, it is basically completed by the intelligent equipment of each process, which greatly reduces the manual intervention links, so that the packaging and printing enterprises can get rid of the labor problem.

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