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How to seal your own vacuum packaging

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How to seal your own vacuum packaging

it’s too easy. Now there is a small vacuum packaging and sealing machine, which is very simple and convenient. Many bacon and Duck restaurants here use this small machine for vacuum packaging.

many people have your questions because you lack understanding of vacuum packaging equipment. The vacuum packaging equipment itself can directly complete the sealing after vacuum extraction, which can ensure that your packaging is vacuum. The key is to master the degree (time) of vacuum pumping. The longer the time, the greater the degree you choose to vacuum, that is, the more powerful and deep the vacuum is. The heat sealing temperature can also be selected, which depends on the material and structure of your packaging bag. If you don’t know, you need to get the data through experiments.

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 Hello, dear, do the following 

 first, determine the attributes of the items that need vacuum packaging

 because the difference between dry and wet matter lies in whether there is juice. For example, coarse grains are dry matter. When vacuumizing, try to clean the air. Kimchi and the like are wet things. When vacuumizing, you need to keep the juice as much as possible, so as not to affect the flavor of the food. The principle of wet matter vacuum pumping is that when water vapor contacts the machine, the machine will stop vacuum and seal automatically

 operation steps of using vacuum machine to complete food packaging: 

 power on 

 put the food to be vacuumized into the bag, and put the bag mouth into the vacuum chamber 

 turn left | turn right 

 the food should not exceed three-quarters of the bag and smooth the mouth of the bag 

4.  Close the cover 

5. Lock the latch 

6. Select "dry" 

7. Click "vacuum sealing" 

8.  Auto jump to "seal" 

9.  Open knob latch 

10. Open the lid and complete 

22 more

the equipment cost of food paper vacuum packaging should be very high. I don’t know whether there is one in China
you can use food paper to glue and pack the food according to the conventional methods on the market, and then vacuum pack it with plastic film. This can not only meet your fresh-keeping requirements for food, but also reduce your packaging cost.

vacuum packaging cannot be heat sealed
when vacuum packaging is adopted, vacuum packaging shall be carried out after cooling, so as to keep the storage period
if food is still hot and vacuum packed, water vapor and water droplets may appear in the vacuum bag. This moisture and water droplets in the bag will affect the food, cause the food to deteriorate and even rot
vacuum packaging with hot water vapor or water droplets is not called vacuum packaging, because there is no air or water in the real packaging bag.

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