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How to wrap soft gifts in wrapping paper

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hehe, yes, if it’s silk scarves, it’s packaged in a cylindrical shape; If it’s candy, fold the paper into a base first, just like folding paper manually when you were a child. If you’re not sure, use more layers of paper.

you’d better find a small box to pack the things first. It’s not easy to pack the soft ones, but if you have a very careful and practical person around you, you can ask him to pack them.

bright cellophane (i.e. crisp plastic paper), wrapped in pineapple shape with ribbon on it. If necessary, a square or round hard paper shell can be padded at the bottom.

basic sugar cube packaging method
tool raw material packaging paper, a packaging line and a trinket
step by step reading
1 Cut the wrapping paper to be + 2 ~ 3cm long around the box and + 3cm wide. Place the bottom of the box upward in the center of the paper
fold the paper sheet on the right side inward along the box and keep the edge of the paper in the center of the box
then fold the paper on the left inward
Fix the paper overlap with transparent tape or double-sided tape
fold the paper on both sides inward along the box
Fold the paper sheet into a beautiful trapezoid in order
gently mark the junction between the upper and lower origami
keep the mark parallel to the edge, fold the lower paper
fix the junction with double-sided tape or beautiful sticker, then wrap the other side, turn it over to the front of the box and decorate it with ribbon or flowers


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