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How to write the operation instruction. What is the approximate format?

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I haven’t written the operation instruction before. How do I write it

in a narrow sense, the operation instruction includes the operation procedures and standards of distribution work, such as what to do in the first step of distribution, who will do it, how to do it, what aspects to pay attention to and what standards to reach? The second step is what to do, who will do it, how to do it… And so on until the distribution work is completed. The purpose is to guide the implementation of your enterprise’s distribution work and workers. The specific writing method can refer to the writing method of ISO9000 series documents.

the operation instruction is mainly illustrated with pictures and texts. In fact, it is mainly the operation steps and details, etc.

I’m in charge of the process in the factory, & lt; Operation instruction & gt; Each factory is different, including format and details Before writing, leaders should discuss the direction of writing
it mainly includes: process flow – key points of operation (to be clear and clear, some manufacturers write each operation method on it) – process technical parameters (parameter setting in the process) – product standards (including some inspection methods). In addition, I also added a key control point (points that should be paid special attention to in each process)


which industry is the landlord’s work instruction?

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