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I am from Xuyi, Jiangsu Province. I want to buy a conveyor

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[conveyor manufacturer Kunshan bifa automation] will answer for you. With the continuous development of high-tech automation technology, conveyors are widely used in modern industrial enterprises; Automatic transportation, distribution and connecting transportation of back packaging for food, beverage, condiment, dairy industry, wine industry, tobacco, slaughtering, fruits and vegetables, medicine, cosmetics, daily necessities, paper products, logistics and other industries. In the future, the conveyor will develop towards large-scale development, expanding the scope of use, reducing energy consumption and pollution
common conveyors mainly include roller conveyor, belt conveyor, chain plate conveyor, screw conveyor, mesh belt conveyor, hoist, etc. It is necessary to carry out type selection design according to your actual transportation needs. At present, more and more enterprises are building logistics distribution centers. For the decision-makers of these enterprises, how to select logistics transportation equipment, what type and model of logistics transportation equipment to purchase, and how many logistics transportation equipment to purchase, are all problems that need to be faced with carefully
the basic principles for selecting logistics transportation equipment are practical, sufficient and appropriately advanced. “Practical” is to select the conveying equipment suitable for the actual business needs of the enterprise. “Enough” means no waste. You can purchase as much as you need and choose what type or grade you need. “Appropriate advance” means to appropriately expand the scale and adopt certain progressiveness technologies on the basis of existing business volume and technical means. This is to prolong the service life of the conveying equipment and avoid upgrading the equipment in a short time. As for each type of conveying equipment, in addition to the price factor, it is more important to pay attention to the performance parameters, material, bearing /load, speed, energy consumption, operating environment requirements, processing and manufacturing cycle, installation and commissioning cycle and other factors of the equipment. For more conveyor selection knowledge and prices, please refer to

conveying materials? Wanjie dedusting can be designed for free

purpose? What kind of conveyor? Belt? Spiral?

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