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I need to submit the text of the food safety management system for handling the food circulation license. Where can I download this? I am an enterprise in Chaoyang District, Beijing

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“food safety management system” template

food hygiene management system

according to the provisions of the food safety law and relevant national laws, regulations and rules, our unit has formulated the following systems for food hygiene management:

I. post responsibility system


1. Post responsibility of the person in charge: take full responsibility for the operation of food; Establish and improve the quality management system, strengthen the quality education for business operators, and ensure the implementation of quality management policies and quality objectives. Carry out quality education and training regularly, and organize physical examination for all employees once a year

2. Post responsibilities of management personnel: take direct responsibility for food safety management; Clean the business premises and warehouses on time to ensure that the food business conditions and storage facilities are safe, harmless and pollution-free; Establish and manage employees’ health records, arrange employees’ health examination every year, and supervise and inspect employees’ daily personal hygiene; Be responsible for supervising the temperature and humidity of business premises and warehouses within the specified range to ensure the quality of food; Problems that may affect food safety shall be solved immediately or reported to the person in charge

3. Post responsibilities of the purchasing and sales personnel: it is strictly prohibited to purchase the food prohibited by laws and regulations; It is strictly prohibited to purchase food from enterprises with incomplete licenses; Carefully check the supplier’s business license, food production license or food circulation license and food qualification certificates when purchasing; Ensure that the sold food is within the shelf life, and regularly check the appearance and shelf life of the food on sale. If any problem is found, immediately remove it from the shelf and report it to the food safety management personnel

II. Health management system for employees

1. All personnel engaged in food business must have pre job health knowledge before taking up their posts. Personnel engaged in directly imported food jobs must obtain health certificates, have annual health checks, and regularly receive training on food hygiene and relevant health laws, regulations, and business skills

2. Persons suffering from gastrointestinal infectious diseases such as dysentery, typhoid fever, viral hepatitis (including pathogen carriers), active tuberculosis, purulent or exudative skin diseases and other diseases that hinder food safety shall not engage in the work of contacting directly imported food

3. Pay attention to personal hygiene and keep personal appearance clean. Uniform and clean work clothes must be worn when working, and they should be changed and washed frequently to keep clean. Chewing gum, eating and smoking are not allowed on the job. Personal belongings must be stored in the designated area or changing room, not in the work area

III. sales management system

1. The business place shall keep a specified distance from toxic and harmful places and other pollution sources, and set up closed garbage containers to remove garbage in time, do a good job in dust, fly and rat prevention, and ensure a clean environment

2. The food circulation license and the business license shall be hung at eye-catching positions in the business premises. It has a food hygiene management organization and organizational structure, and is equipped with professionally trained full-time food safety management personnel

3. The food display facilities * are reasonable, the food business area is delimited, and the food and non food are stored separately; Do not sell poisonous and harmful foods, “three noes” and foods that have not been inspected or fail to pass the inspection. Ensure the appearance of the food is clean. If the food is found to be beyond the shelf life, damaged, bitten by rats, damp, moldy, rusty and other phenomena, it shall be handled in time

4. Bulk food sales areas must be set up according to the principle of “separating raw food from cooked food”. Sufficient containers shall be provided according to the type of products sold and meet the sanitary conditions. Bulk food directly imported shall be covered with dust-proof materials. The “bulk food identification plate” shall be set at the prominent position of the food container or on the isolation facilities to identify the name of the food, ingredient list, production date, shelf life, storage conditions, eating methods, name and contact information of the manufacturer and operator, so as to achieve “one brand for one product, corresponding to each brand”. Bulk food directly imported for sale must be handled by a specially assigned person to provide sorting and packaging services for consumers and provide consumers with small packages that meet health requirements. Wear work clothes, masks, gloves and hats during operation, and use special tools to pick up goods

5. Fresh food should be sold with display facilities such as shelves, incubators, refrigerators and freezers, and equipped with testing equipment that meets the requirements

6. A pre-entry room should be set at the entrance of the cooked food products sales room, with changing, hand washing and disinfection facilities, and non manual faucets. Effective air disinfection facilities, food refrigeration facilities and special tools shall be provided, and the food shall be covered with dust-proof materials

IV. warehouse management system

1. The food warehouse must be dedicated and must not store other sundries, toxic and harmful substances. A specially assigned person shall be responsible for management and establish and improve the warehouse in and warehouse out registration system. When food and food raw materials are warehoused, the warehouse keeper shall check and accept their quality and quantity, record in detail the name, quantity, origin, purchase date, production date, shelf life, packaging, etc. of the warehoused products, and store them according to the sequence of warehoused time. Food that fails to pass the sensory inspection shall not be warehoused. There is a temporary storage counter for unsafe food and a record book

2. The food warehouse shall be well ventilated to maintain the required temperature and humidity in the warehouse and prevent food mildew and insects. Necessary low-temperature storage equipment shall be equipped for storing fresh food, including cold storage (cabinet) and freezer (cabinet). Do a good job in dust, fly, rat and moisture prevention, and regularly clean the warehouse to eliminate toxic and harmful pollution sources and ant and fly breeding places

3. The food storage platform and shelf shall be set with isolation ground, more than 30cm from the wall and more than 40cm from the bottom isolation ground. The food shall be stored according to the principle of first in, first out and separation of raw and cooked food, and shall be clearly marked

v. pest control system

1. Rodenticide shall not be used in food sales places, and a certain number of fly killing lamps shall be equipped to ensure normal operation. The sales room of cooked food products shall be equipped with sufficient and effective air disinfection facilities for regular disinfection. 2. Pest control shall be carried out regularly to prevent the breeding of pests. Insecticides shall be used to remove insects and pests by specially assigned personnel according to the specified use methods. Insect and pest control cannot be carried out during business hours, and protective measures shall be taken for various foods during implementation. Food, food contact surface and packaging materials shall not be contaminated during use. All equipment, tools and containers shall be thoroughly cleaned after use. 6、 Health inspection and reward and punishment system

1. Health management is
under the charge of leaders and managed by special personnel. Health inspection and reward and punishment system shall be formulated, and relevant personnel shall be organized to conduct health inspection regularly or irregularly; Organize employees to learn health knowledge and relevant laws and regulations, organize training and assessment, and link the assessment results with rewards and punishments. 2. The health management personnel shall be responsible for the implementation of various health management systems, and shall check before and after business every day with complete inspection records. Strictly enforce the hygiene operation procedures of employees, and gradually develop good personal hygiene habits and hygiene operation habits. If any problem is still not improved during the inspection, it shall be strictly handled according to the relevant reward and punishment system

food operation and management system

in accordance with the provisions of the food safety law and relevant national laws, regulations and rules, the following systems are hereby formulated for the food operation and management of our unit:

I. incoming inspection system

1. Perform inspection obligations on the purchased food in accordance with laws, regulations and food safety standards, and inspect the sensory quality and labels of the food; Check whether the food is prohibited by relevant national laws and regulations; Inspect the supplier’s license, business license and food qualification certificates. Where imported food is sold, the legal certificate of the imported food shall be examined

2. Those who enter shopping malls, supermarkets and grocery stores and hang plaques with the words “general distribution” and “general agency” must check whether they have legal and valid authorization documents, and keep copies of the documents for filing for future reference

3. For a food business enterprise that implements the unified distribution operation mode, the enterprise headquarters can uniformly inspect the supplier’s license, business license and food qualification certificates, and make food purchase inspection records. The headquarters of the enterprise shall provide the certificate of purchase inspection to the affiliated operators. Unified distribution of self purchased food, and establishment of incoming inspection record system

II. System of asking for certificates and tickets

1. Asking for certificates: ask the manufacturer or superior supplier for “one license, two certificates and one report” according to the regulations when purchasing goods. That is to ask for business license, food production license, food circulation license and other certificates and quality inspection report within the validity period. The above certificates and licenses of the manufacturer or the superior wholesale enterprise shall be updated in time to ensure that they are within the period of validity. Those who deal in imported food shall ask for the legal certificate of the imported food

2. Claim ticket: ask for a purchase ticket containing the name, specification, quantity, production batch number (production date), shelf life, name and contact information of the supplier, purchase date, etc. of the food. That is, those engaged in pre packaged food shall ask for the Supply Certificate issued by the electronic account software in accordance with the unified style of the Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce; Those operating fresh food shall ask for the listing certificate issued by Xiamen fresh food safety supervision information system

3. After asking for the food certificate and ticket, it will be publicized at the prominent position of the designated place for consumers’ inquiry and relevant departments’ inspection

III. purchase and sales account system

1. Food wholesalers shall establish a food purchase and sales account system, and food retailers shall establish a food purchase account system

2. Establish a food purchase and sales account system to truthfully record the name, specification, quantity, production batch number (production date), shelf life, supplier name and contact information, purchase date and other contents of the food, or keep the bills containing the above information

3. When the wholesaler sells goods, it shall truthfully record the name, specification, quantity, production batch number, production date, shelf life, buyer’s name, contact information, sales date, etc. of the food according to the unified supply voucher style of Fujian Administration for Industry and commerce, and use the electronic account software to issue a supply voucher. The voucher format is three copies, the first copy is the stub (wholesaler sales account), and the second copy is the purchasing unit (retailer accounting voucher), The third copy goes with the goods (retailer purchase account)

4. Set up a data cabinet to store the relevant qualifications and standing books of the upper level wholesaler or manufacturer, sort out the supply vouchers according to different suppliers, purchase time, commodity category, etc., bind them into volumes regularly, and implement standing book management. The wholesaler shall timely scan the supplier’s license, business license and food qualification certificates into the electronic account software and upload them to Xuchang industrial and commercial commodity information filing query database. 5. Purchase inspection records, wholesale records or bills shall be authentic and shall not be forged, and the retention period shall not be less than two years

IV. quality self inspection system

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