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I want to know which website is the most direct and clear to consult for a plastic packaging bag factory?

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there are still a lot of information about the plastic industry. If not more comprehensive, it is China plastic recycling network. China plastics recycling network is the only comprehensive information professional website in the field of waste plastics recycling in China. Relying on the third-party platform of “industry China”, the website collates and publishes the relevant information of waste plastics recycling industry. Its main services include publishing waste plastics recycling information, supply information, manufacturing information and processing information, and providing an online marketing platform for waste plastics recycling enterprises, Help enterprises that produce a large amount of waste plastics resources find suitable cooperative enterprises to realize the rapid allocation of waste plastics. Plastic recycling network not only provides corresponding plastic packaging processing enterprises for electronic product packaging, daily necessities packaging, consumer goods packaging, clothing product packaging, but also provides recommendation services for production equipment for plastic cleaning, crushing, processing and other enterprises, so that enterprises can find production and processing equipment with lower manufacturing cost and better product quality. At present, the plastic recycling network has covered more than 70% of plastic recycling and processing enterprises in various regions of China, and the amount of information and coverage are growing rapidly and updating independently. I hope it will help you

see what kind of plastic packaging you are going to produce. Welcome to exchange and study together.

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