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I want to open a milk tea shop. What should I do about milk tea

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I want to open a milk tea shop. What should I do about milk tea What kind of machine will be put into

it seems that it’s nothing more than to find a slightly better facade. It doesn’t need to be too big. It’s best to be close to the school, because students are the mainstream consumer group, or close to the office area. The consumer group is mainly office workers. If the machine is nearby, find a packaging machine, and then search the contact information of the plastic packaging cup on the Internet, and then prepare money,!! OK.

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 Hello, I'm glad to answer your questions. What should I do to open a milk tea shop: 

1. Choose a store with good geographical location and large traffic or near the school 

2. Decorate the store, start the store name, and then design a store logo, which will make others remember your store 

3. You can buy equipment and materials, such as freezer, ice crusher, sealing machine, tea powder, etc. 

4. Handle relevant procedures, business license, tax registration certificate, health license and health certificate of employees 

5. Milk Tea Promotion 

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