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If you want to open a beverage factory, how can you open it

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broadcast source view: how to build bottled water and beverage factories

1. Feasibility analysis:

it is mainly considered from the development level of local economy, industry scale and development stage, government support policies, strength and characteristics of competitors, special raw material resources, available technical advantages, sales channels, available funds and other social resources; Neither blind decision-making nor missed investment opportunities; For the projects to be invested, we should also pay attention to creating some new business models to improve the competitiveness and profit space of the project



> make sure the project is planned successfully. Even for projects with small investment, it is necessary to find sales personnel and determine prospective customers in advance. Normal includes the following steps:

(1) brand planning: including brand design, trademark registration, spokesperson, brand positioning, etc

(2) brand communication: including advertising design, festival marketing, event marketing, building star products, etc

(3) investment promotion planning: including identifying dealers recognized by both parties, designing purchase and gift schemes, reward schemes, etc

(4) channel construction: including how to make products quickly reach consumers and display in stores; How to change the purchase decision of the last meter, etc

(5) team building; Including how to correctly convey the company’s marketing plan to the salesperson and then to the customer, and give effective feedback; Design incentive mechanism, equip relevant tools, and do a good job in systematic training

3. Formulation development:

it is mainly analyzed based on the target customer preference, market trend and controllable quality:

(1) sensory design: if you choose yellow, light yellow or dark yellow, do you prefer products with high viscosity

(2) flavor design: sweet or light? Is it necessary to contain gas? What kind of fruit flavor do you like? Orange or mango, or mixed fruit flavor

(3) nutritional design: sugar free, fat reducing, rich in vitamins, dietary fiber, protein and easily absorbed fermented products, etc. each category has different nutritional value and technical points (welcome to find the mechanical telephone consultation of broadcasting source beverage)

(4) preference design: develop unique formula for specific market, specific population or specific supply mode

(5) product positioning: determine the ingredient quality and comprehensive production cost of beverages; The addition amount of concentrated juice beverage and other active ingredients are the main cost of the beverage, which should be selected according to the determined product positioning

(6) bottled water: some areas like the concepts of mineral water, mineral water, mountain spring water and multi-functional water. Here, it is necessary to analyze according to the water quality and source of the water source, and it is best to have a water quality report. Generally speaking, the pure water mouth feels better, but there are some good mineral water sources, and the taste is also very distinctive

(7) raw material supply: consider buying abroad or locally. What brand of supplier should you choose? Pay attention to the matching with the production line equipment; If it is a local agricultural product, we should study the characteristics, quality, supply, supply mode, supply price, production season length and so on

4. Packaging scheme:

the proportion of packaging level accounting for 20% of products approved by customers; The choice of packaging materials also affects the choice of production line and the total cost of products. The following aspects are mainly considered

(1) appearance design: it should conform to the local consumption culture, and the capacity should be consistent with the local counterparts; Consider some symbolic appearance or appearance related to the characteristics of the product itself; From a technical point of view, smooth bottles are easy to be damaged during transportation, and more materials will be consumed. The appearance of more stiffeners will reduce the material cost; The size of the bottle mouth shall match the filling machine, and the reserved label position shall match the labeling machine; Ensure accurate labeling or more beautiful shrinkage

(2) label design: the label shall meet the requirements of the local government and the preferences of consumers; The design and text of the product are concentrated on the label, which plays a very important role in the promotion of the product. See the description document of label design for details

(3) packaging design: consider the convenience of transportation and the protection of products; We should also consider the impact of material cost on the total cost of products

(4) packaging material supply: whether it is purchased abroad or locally, and which supplier’s products should be prepared in advance. Packaging materials shall be prepared within 7 days after signing the equipment contract for production line equipment and testing

5. Production line equipment:

see the following “how to select bottled water and beverage production line equipment?”

6. Engineering services:

(1) public works: 1. Consider the regional location of the land and the requirements of plant area, height, daylighting, ventilation and other aspects to ensure that all functional areas match the equipment of the production line. 2. Whether the government has supplied electricity or promised the implementation time. 3. Procedures and requirements for applying for government permission; For example, the requirements of purification engineering and necessary detection means in the filling area, environmental protection and sewage treatment station, etc

(2) equipment engineering: mainly consider packaging, transportation, unloading, installation, commissioning, personnel training, production and operation, maintenance and repair, parts supply, etc; Consider the project duration, product quality, increase production capacity, reduce production cost and improve operation safety

7. Resource sharing:

(1) technical resources: the skills of individuals and enterprises have certain limitations, so we should consider sharing industry experts, professional companies, Chinese and global resources; Suppliers should not only have advanced technology, but also match the needs of the project. And can provide comprehensive solutions for the project from planning, procurement, production, operation and other fields

(2) capital resources: the competition of modern commercial enterprises is more capital competition, so we should pay special attention to the source and quantity of funds; Select high-quality shareholders and investment and financing institutions to cooperate; The capital invested should be considered from multiple dimensions such as plant, equipment, raw materials, advertising and operation cost, so as to ensure the integrity of all links of the project and ensure the success of the project

(3) management and operation: at the tactical level of the project, a team with experience in the industry and able to implement the plan quickly and with high quality is also required

Source view: how to select bottled water and beverage production line equipment

1. Equipment process selection

there are different processes for manufacturing Bottled water and beverage products. Mainly from the following aspects:

(1) pretreatment: for example, water treatment equipment, choose secondary reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, brackish water equipment or microfiltration? Pre deployment of equipment, high temperature ster
ilization, or medium temperature filling? Choose one of plate type, tube type, bottle pouring, spraying, water bath and sterilization kettle? Or a combination of multiple uses

(2) primary packaging: does the bottle blowing machine choose centralized heating, full electric production or semi-automatic production? Does the filling machine choose multi-channel cleaning or aseptic filling function? What is the sterilization process of the lid

(3) secondary packaging: the labeling machine selects heat shrinkable, hot melt adhesive or self-adhesive. Does the bottle body need to be pasted with QR code and does the bottle mouth need to be labeled? Paper package, ordinary film package or color film package? How many per bag

in addition to the above aspects, there are many details that need comprehensive team services and repeated communication between the supplier and the demander

2. Select capacity

production capacity is mainly determined according to market demand, sales capacity, investment budget and profit objectives

(1) assessment of the number of people building factories: 6000bph for more than 200000 people, 12000bph for more than 500000 people and 24000bph for more than 1 million people. The radiation range of the product (small bottle of beverage is generally within 500km, and 5-gallon barreled water is within 200km). Here is only a general reference

(2) sales volume of peers: learn about the production capacity and sales volume of factories in this city or adjacent cities

(3) for special beverage products, the production capacity is generally smaller than that of bottle water projects

3. Select automation level

make corresponding adjustments to the development level of local economy, technical strength of competitors and investment budget; Analyze which can be more automated and which can be less automated? Can enterprises improve their technological competitiveness

4. How to purchase in batches

in the case of multi-phase projects, which should be bought first, which should be bought later, which should ensure the maximum capacity first, and which can increase the capacity by increasing the number of single units later? It needs to be analyzed according to the type of products put into operation and the characteristics of process links

5. How to select suppliers

very few enterprises can complete the production of equipment in a production line. Therefore, in addition to the performance of single equipment, we should also consider the performance of the whole line. Is it matched before and after? Is it supplied by one company, or by several companies, or each company purchases, how to control the final product quality of the whole line? How to connect installation, commissioning, personnel training and after-sales service? They should be comprehensively selected according to their own strategic planning and industry experience

broadcast source point of view: how to select good equipment

1. Equipment technology:

first ensure the technical performance of the equipment, focusing on product quality (appearance, taste and nutritional composition of the produced products, meeting national standards, etc.), production speed (hourly capacity, daily output), energy consumption (water, electricity, raw materials, packaging and other costs, but also depends on the number of workers), product diversity and adaptability, etc; Determine the price advantage of the equipment according to the performance analysis table. Also consider whether there are complete and standardized electrical procedures, mechanical drawings, material classification list and other technical data; Some non-standard small factories or newly developed products should be carefully considered (welcome to find the broadcasting source beverage machinery for telephone consultation)

2. Equipment configuration:

select applicable and good brand standard parts such as motor, cylinder, water pump, filter membrane, optical eye, servo, frequency converter and touch screen, as well as high-quality blank materials, such as advantage 316, forged steel, etc; Specify the configuration list

3. Processing capacity:

it is necessary to have advanced processing equipment, such as multi axis machining center; Testing instruments, such as three coordinate instrument; Standard production site, etc; Some factories that do not even have basic testing equipment, even if they are very cheap, may have greater losses in the process of later use

4. Manufacturing system:

there should be a perfect and rigorous manufacturing management system, and all links must follow the process and have standards; If not, even if there are good materials and good technical resources, they can not play a role

5. Industrial chain:

there should be a perfect industrial chain; Including raw material suppliers, technicians and technicians; There are also machining, sheet metal processing, heat treatment processing, surface

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