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Is food pillow packing machine easy to learn

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I haven’t been in the food industry. The machine is to make Swiss rolls, chocolates and cakes. What are the main parts to learn? Which steps.

it is not difficult for those who can, but not for those who are difficult
pillow packing machine has several aspects to learn:
1 Master the display screen and know the setting of various parameters Temperature, length, photoelectric Wait
2. The adjustment of the shaper depends on experience. How to adjust the dislocation of the bag
3. How to correctly adjust the position of the cutter so that the cutter will not cut the material
4. The basic maintenance of machinery often involves the replacement of vulnerable parts
through the above learning, you can basically achieve the purpose of full use
others are also for your reference. Due to different manufacturers, the current pillow packing machine models usually use 250, 320, 420 and other models Everything still needs the manufacturer to study carefully

this is very simple and not as complex as you think. Pillow packaging machines are generally used to make chocolate and Ruigan rolls. Most of the current machines are controlled by PLC, and the display screen has relevant display. As for the adjustment, it depends on experience and can be operated several times. Usually pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the machine. Guangke Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a food packaging machine, which will be debugged when the machine is safe.

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