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Is oa9 a BASF product? What is the relationship with BASF’s oa6

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When I first came into contact with the foam board industry, someone came to promote oa9, saying that it was a German technology. Now I use BASF’s oa6, which is relatively stable. Does anyone know about oa9 and what is its relationship with BASF.

it’s all deceiving. I tried to get cheap and lost money. I can’t see it when I just got on the computer. After a few hours, there was serious scorched material, which can’t be used at all! Later, a master told me that it was the domestic 719 that changed its packaging. It was really a matter of price and goods. I learned a lesson from a moat. True feelings, hope to adopt!

they are all oxidized polyethylene wax. There is no oa9 in BASF series, but domestic manufacturers use OA series models to make their own brands. Strictly speaking, this type of oxidized polyethylene wax is almost the same, and the domestic oxidized polyethylene wax technology has grown rapidly in recent years. As long as the debugging technology is available, it can be used. It depends on the demand for cost control. If you don’t need money, you can continue to use oa6. If you want to reduce costs appropriately, you can try other domestic brands with relatively low prices. If the technology is not mature, it is mainly stable.

oa9 is a kind of high molecular oxidized polymer, which is a functional processing aid with excellent performance
oa9 is not only a little cheaper than imported products, but also greatly reduces costs in production
oa9 can improve the gloss and appearance of finished products. It can also improve the later demoulding performance


oa9 is a chemical raw material produced by Shanghai Qihong Holding Co., Ltd. with high stability.

oa9 is not a German technology, but a domestic one. It can replace the imported oa6 and 316a in equal quantities. The price is not so high, so it is easy to use. There is no need to change the formula
what other German technologies are there? At first glance, they worship foreign countries. Everything is foreign goods. Do you know how much garbage comes in from foreign countries?

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