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Is the rental of mechanical equipment protected by law

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machinery and equipment can be protected by law only after signing a standardized lease contract. No contract or agreement has been signed and is not protected by law
there are many kinds of mechanical equipment. During the operation of mechanical equipment, some parts and even itself can carry out different forms of mechanical movement. Mechanical equipment consists of driving device, speed change device, transmission device, working device, braking device, protective device, lubrication system, cooling system, etc
packaging machinery can be divided into full-automatic packaging machinery and semi-automatic packaging machinery according to the supply mode of packaging materials and packaging materials; If divided according to the scope of use of packaging materials, it can be divided into general packaging machine, dual-purpose packaging machine and special packaging machine; According to the type of packaging, it can be divided into three packaging machines, inner packaging machines and outer packaging machines. Packaging machinery used for processing packaging materials and containers includes composite material processing machinery, bag making machinery, plastic hollow container processing machinery, etc.

if there is a contract, it is protected, so the contract is very important

I haven’t heard of this.



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