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Is the whole pallet carton suitable for rotary ejector?

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if you are talking about a paper tray, the rotary ejector can recycle the tray. If you are referring to goods packed in cartons and need to recycle pallets, the rotary ejector is more appropriate. The rotary ejector I bought recently feels good to use. You can search it and find out

nock provides efficient loading and unloading equipment to help the forklift upgrade

many factories in China are using forklifts, but relying on the front fork of the forklift alone, it can only carry out very simple loading and unloading actions, but can not realize the loading and unloading operation of lifting at will. However, after loading the forklift auxiliary handling tools, the forklift can be transformed into a safe and more efficient cargo handling and loading equipment


nork handling equipment Co., Ltd. can upgrade the forklift function of customers. As long as customers have forklifts, Zhongde nork can upgrade your forklift to multi-functional handling equipment. After the upgrade, the forklift performance is improved. With less manpower, loading and unloading goods are safer, and various factory handling and loading can be completed

with nock’s Forklift manipulator, it can be realized when loading, unloading and handling goods without human handling. In special cases, as long as an operator is on the forklift and operates the forklift, he can operate and transport goods of different shapes

I believe that the safety of factory employees is the primary consideration of every enterprise, whether in production, operation, loading, unloading and handling. Safety involves the life of the enterprise to employees, the image of the enterprise and the impact of all aspects. The forklift handling equipment produced by Sino German nork can provide a full operation mode for the handling operation of the factory

rotary ejector & nbsp& nbsp; Product features:

rotary ejector & nbsp& nbsp;· Bidirectional 360 ° hydraulic rotation function, 360 ° full angle self-locking, improving safety performance

rotary ejector & nbsp& nbsp;· Equipped with safety valve to avoid damage to goods caused by sudden burst of oil pipe

rotary ejector & nbsp& nbsp;· Reasonable design, compact structure, wide field of vision and simple maintenance

rotary ejector & nbsp& nbsp;· Reasonable allocation of hydraulic components, good sealing performance and durability

rotary ejector & nbsp& nbsp;· All joints adopt oil-free lubrication system, which is maintenance free and plays a good role in protecting the pin shaft

rotary ejector & nbsp& nbsp;· The folding part is made of cast alloy steel to reduce the dead weight and load loss distance of the product and increase the service life of the forklift

rotary ejector & nbsp& nbsp; Product application:

it is applicable to bagged goods such as plastic particles, cement, chemical fertilizer and feed. There are pallet handling, loading and unloading and stacking operations. The goods can be pushed out and taken out without manual work, which is safe, efficient and reduces labor intensity& nbsp;

the associations of domestic production enterprises have repeatedly stressed that enterprises must take safety measures when handling and loading: there are enterprises in Jiangsu, because of lack of safety awareness and insufficient capital budget, they find some forklift manipulator manufacturers with high cost performance. After installation, in the process of use, due to the problem of safety valve, several tons of goods slip from the loading process, and the relevant employees are seriously injured by the goods, which is not worth the loss

At present, China’s manufacturing industry is developing in the direction of reducing manpower and safe operation, and the forklift manipulator industry has experienced decades of development. Nock handling equipment company introduces German technology and strives to enable enterprises to do safer handling operations with less manpower

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