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Looking for a good mobile phone.

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reference price of Nokia 5320xm: about 1200 yuan
main screen size: 2.0 inches main screen resolution: 240 × 320 pixel main screen color: 16 million colors
smartphone system Symbian S60 3rd Edition CPU ARM11 369mhz memory capacity 140MB
camera pixel 2 million pixels built-in dual LED fill light
it is a Nokia 5 Series music phone with good music and external playback effects
it supports the N-Gage game platform to make you addicted to games
other functions are about the same as those of 6120
and 5320xm is more eye-catching in the current 1500 yuan mobile phone. It has a dynamic and fashionable appearance, alternating red and black or blue and black. The keyboard has a three-dimensional sense, and the top and bottom are set with circular lines, which is cost-effective
disadvantages: strong sense of plastic, poor elasticity of keyboard, small screen, only 2 inches

Nokia 5700XM reference price 1728.00 (out of stock)
2.2 inch screen, main screen color: 16 million colors, main screen resolution: 240 × 320 pixels
operating system Symbian S60 3rd Edition CPU 369mhz memory capacity 64MB
camera pixel 2 megapixel flash built-in flash
supports music playback in MP3 /EAAC /AAC /, 8, 10 /MP4 /m4a /wma /WAV and other formats, and the optimized music player supports record cover and playlist display
5700XM style draws lessons from Nokia 3250 and 5300, and combines the two fashion elements at the same time, Inheriting the classic twist waist design of 3250, it also has the shape characteristics and color of 5300
disadvantages: although it is a 200 pixel camera, it is not better than the general 2 megapixel mobile phone (I have compared 5700 and 6120 photos), and the joystick navigation is easy to loosen

another recommendation:
Nokia N78 is good, with a running price of about 1900 and a revision machine of about 1550 yuan
Nokia N78 has a fashionable appearance, a new Symbian 9.3 system FP2 platform, 3.2 million Carl Zeiss optical verification camera + LED dual flash, FM launch function, comprehensive functions, GPS navigation system and WiFi (you can check online if you don’t understand WiFi), fast response speed and long standby time. Fashion modeling has aroused the ignorance of many young people. The system is powerful and the speed is also considerable. 2.4 inches, taking photos is better than 81 and faster than 73. With light sensing battery, it is more durable
I’ve played N78 for a few days and encountered several problems, that is, the keyboard of N78 is not easy to press. The first is the rice grain keyboard, and one keyboard (123, 456, 789, * 0#) is connected together. It’s uncomfortable to press with your fingers, and the menu key and delete key can be concave. The arrangement of these two keys is not used to. The body has a strong sense of plastic, which should be adapted slowly. If you feel uncomfortable, you can consider 6220c

6220c licensed goods are 1800 yuan, and the revision is about 1500 yuan
6220c price is 1650. Symbian 9.2 system FP2 platform has GPS navigation system, 5 megapixel Zeiss certified lens and professional flash (professional xenon flash). 2.2 inch screen
compared with N78, the function is stronger in camera function, and the loss is that the screen is 0.2 inch smaller. However, compared with the N78 keyboard, it is much easier to use, which is beyond doubt. But not according to everyone’s preferences, some people think the appearance is ugly, others think the appearance is acceptable


finally, I wish you a smooth and happy purchase…

add: in the mobile phone market, there are many embarrassments, such as expensive licensed products, few categories (you can’t buy licensed blackberry, Nokia 6650, LG kf70 and many other phones with high cost performance in Chinese Mainland), and relatively few functions (no WiFi, castrating 3G functions, etc.). So how to buy parallel goods if you don’t buy parallel goods? How to choose if you buy licensed goods

I think that if I want to buy parallel goods, I should generally have the desire when I don’t have enough funds and I think there are few choices of licensed goods. If you buy parallel goods, you need to have better purchase channels: it’s best to have acquaintances. Secondly, it’s convenient to buy parallel goods (referring to whether there are shops selling parallel goods with good reputation near you. You can ask your friends. Even regular mobile phone stores may also sell parallel goods). Thirdly, it depends on whether you have experience in online shopping. You can choose sellers with good reputation through online shopping (this is the last choice)

I don’t know whether it’s safe to buy parallel goods, but I can give you a general idea through examples: first, the biggest hidden danger of buying modified mobile phones in the market is whether they will buy refurbished machines, 7-day machines and 14-day machines (those returned within 7 or 14 days are generally of poor quality), and the means of mobile phone refurbishment are changing with each passing day, which is difficult for ordinary people to identify. For refurbished machines, I personally believe that shops with credibility to buy revision machines are less likely to sell them, and shops selling revision machines generally provide warranty services. But after all, mobile phones are relatively expensive and durable consumables, and most people are unwilling to take such risks
however, I have many friends around me and have seen many netizens. They are hot on Revision machines, even to the extent that they don’t buy non revision machines. I haven’t seen too many problems with them. I also know many reputable chain stores selling revision machines, such as Bluetooth communication, Fantasia, Feihong communication, Zhenye communication, etc

if you don’t have a good channel to buy a revision machine and don’t know friends who will buy a revision machine, you won’t recognize the revision machine. If you don’t have much confidence in the revision machine, you can choose to buy licensed goods. For the purchase of licensed goods, I recommend that the models with a small price gap between the purchase price and the water price are more cost-effective, such as 5320xm (you think it’s good, and the price difference of 5610XM is not much, but it’s a little longer to be listed), In this way, I feel more balanced (last year, I also encountered the situation that the licensed goods of 6120 are cheaper than the modified ones)

Nokia n96
basic parameters

Mobile Phone System GSM mobile phone type slide mobile phone

talk time (minutes) 230 standby time (hours) 230

smart phone Symbian system operating system Symbian OS 9.3, S60 V3 pack2

launch time November 2008
appearance design

Interior Color 16.7 million colors, screen size 2.8 inches, 240 × 320 pixels

no external screen color
photographing function

digital camera function built-in digital camera photosensitive element CMOS

digital camera pixel (10000) 500
entertainment function

MP3 playback support radio function support
data function

body memory 16GB user memory, 256MB NAND, 128MB SDRAM support memory card micro SD, maximum support 8GB

input mode keyboard Chinese input mode Pinyin, Stroke
SMS function

phone SMS capacity is limited to memory. SMS group sending support
network function

network transmission EGPRS /GPRS /HSCSD /CSD support frequency band GSM (850 /900 /1800 /1900MHz)

support Bluetooth technology Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, Mobile phone
> does not support mobile phone > mobile phone > mobile phone mobile phone mobile phone mobile phone mobile phone mobile phone mobile phone mobile phone mobile phone mobile phone Mobile phone mobile phone shape slide
main screen size 2.4 inches
main screen material TFT
main screen color screen, 16 million colors
main screen parameters 240 × 320 pixels (QVGA)
CPU ARM11 369mhz
memory capacity ROM 110mb, RAM 51.2m
system Symbian 9.3, series 60 3rd Edition
standard configuration lithium battery, charger (ac-8c + ca100c), stereo headset HS-47, ca-101 data cable, 2GB memory card, optical disc, manual, maintenance manual, etc.
talk time GSM: 450 minutes, WCDMA: 210 minutes
standby time GSM: 264 hours, WCDMA: 336 hours
shell color black, white
volume 107.5 × forty-nine point five × 13.6mm
weight 121g
basic functions I want to pick mistakes, win points and win prizes
ringtone 64 chord, support mp3, AAC, AMR, wma, chord and other formats
address book grouping management, business card management, support S60 standardized business card address book
information functions SMS, EMS, MMS, SMS mass sending
e-mail sending and receiving, support e-mail, support SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and other email protocols
input method, English input method, Chinese input method, Stroke Chinese input method, Pinyin Chinese input method
game built-in game
office function supports document reading, TXT, office (word, Excel, PPT), Adobe PDF
recording function supports recording function
main functions include built-in antenna, clock, built-in vibration, profile mode, call time prompt, hands-free call, standby picture, incoming call picture recognition, incoming call ring recognition, voice dialing, flight mode, Theme mode
additional functions gravity sensing function, alarm clock, calendar, calculator, calendar, Notepad, memo, stopwatch, automatic keyboard lock
electronic dictionary supports electronic dictionary
data application function I want to pick mistakes, win points and win awards
Bluetooth supports Bluetooth, Bluetooth v2 0, A2DP Bluetooth stereo
infrared supports infrared
data services GPRS, edge, HSDPA
java MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1
WAP Internet WAP 2.0
WWW browser supports WWW browser, Nokia web browser
data cable supports data cable, micro USB interface, USB 2.0
expansion card supports TF Card (microSD card), supports hot plug, and supports 8GB expansion at most
WiFi (WLAN) supports WiFi, 802.11 B /g, Mainland licensed goods do not support WiFi function
GPS positioning system supports GPS and A-GPS network assisted navigation function
other data functions, built-in modem, USSD function, SyncML function and imps function
I want to pick mistakes, win points and win awards
camera built-in camera
camera pixel 3.2 million pixels
sensor type CMOS sensor
flash built-in flash, LED flash
shooting mode, white balance mode: automatic, sunshine, Incandescent, fluorescent, central key metering, automatic exposure; Exposure compensation: 2-2ev (0.7eV interval); Scene mode: automatic, user-defined, vertical, horizontal, night, night vertical
photo quality support up to 2048 × 1536 resolution photo shooting
shooting features auto focus, 4x digital zoom
video shooting, audio video shooting, support recording up to 640 × 480 pixels (VGA) and up to 22 frames /second video
multimedia entertainment function I want to pick mistakes, win points and win awards
multimedia FM radio, visual radio, picture editing and flash function
mp3 player supports MP3 playback, built-in player supports MP3, AAC, WAV and other audio formats (supports playlist editing, EQ sound effect adjustment and playback mode setting)
video playback supports video playback, and supports video playback file format: mp4,3gp; Codec: H.263, H.264
FM radio supports FM radio, 87.5-108mhz
flash playback support, flash Lite 3.0
other performance 2.5mm headset interface, supports gravity sensing function (standby desktop can also turn automatically according to the direction of the fuselage), IP phone function

Nokia e66 experience
experience of using the machine, the running memory of the machine is 110mb, and there is about 70mb after startup without any software. Later, the software was gradually installed, and there were more things running in the background. After startup, there was about 60MB, and the running speed was basically unaffected. I felt very good. E66 supports the commonly used S60 V3 software very well> it’s stylish and stylish. It’s almost perfect in appearance. It feels like Nokia’s best made sliding cover machine, comparable to 8800 series. (it feels very similar to Samsung E848) the semi-automatic sliding cover is smooth, the keys feel good, the matching of function keys is very practical and the layout is reasonable

System: still use S60 FP3 1. It’s a little regrettable, but it’s similar

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