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Manual bag making method is simple

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Beautiful hand-held gift bags /manual making tutorial of gift bags

children’s shoes that like DIY exquisite gift packaging must have a gift bag cutting board. With the help of this magical equipment, you can make many exquisite packaging bags by yourself. If you are a seller of exquisite shops, it is more necessary to learn to use the gift bag cutting board to make beautiful packaging bags, According to their own feelings of beauty, DIY produces all kinds of unique, fashionable and beautiful gift packaging, which will greatly increase consumers’ shopping impulse ~ let’s learn how to simply DIY handmade gift packaging bags

preparation materials:

bag cutting board, 12 “* 12” cutting card, ribbon, glue, scissors /paper cutter, etc


using the cutting board, you can easily draw the paper jam folding line, cut the folding part according to the folding line, and finally punch some holes through the ribbon at the bottom of the paper jam

fold according to the folding line, and then glue it

use the cardboard leftovers of the finished packing box to make cute small labels

finally, thread the ribbon into the hole already punched in advance to make a handle. The length of the ribbon can be adjusted at any time in the DIY process according to your preference

the cute little gift bag that has been made is adorable after reading it. It is a good gift in itself. Have you seen how to make gift bags? Do you want many DIY? Then hurry to purchase materials. It’s coming at the weekend~

the manual bag making method is also very simple. You can find a rectangular paper, fold it in the middle, and paste it on both sides. In this way, get a handle on it and a simple manual belt

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