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Nanchang sheet metal processing?

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our company specializes in processing sheet metal, Nanchang Kehao mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. Located in Changbei Development Zone. 150 7900 0418

can’t you come to Hebei? I’m from Hebei and need sheet metal processing. I can baidu Hi me and leave my mobile phone number for fear of being blocked

it’s done in many places
depending on what you do, there are many around the steel market on Jiefang East Road

is Jiujiang OK


Jiangxi Xiangou precision sheet metal Co., Ltd. is located in Jinying Road, Qingyunpu District, Nanchang City, with convenient transportation and superior location. Baidu, Gaode map search: Jiangxi Xiangou precision sheet metal Co., Ltd., company website:
the company is an enterprise specializing in the production and manufacturing of precision sheet metal parts and various chassis and cabinets. At the beginning of its establishment, the company introduced several high-end sheet metal numerical control equipment such as Swiss Baichao laser cutting machine, Japanese miluga bending machine, North American Canadian Aike bending machine, odixi Erbao welding machine and so on; Since its establishment, the company has successfully served the production and processing of parts in engineering machinery, grain machinery, textile equipment, construction machinery, food machinery, packaging machinery, decoration, automobile, electronics and other industries, and provided the production and manufacturing of all kinds of precision sheet metal parts
they have established a group of professional personnel engaged in precision sheet metal processing technology and application in the field of precision sheet metal processing, and have introduced a group of professional quality management personnel from all over the country. Adhering to the business philosophy of “pursuing quality, honest management and user experience”, with the help of its own equipment advantages, the company provides you with professional solutions for the processing of all kinds of precision sheet metal parts, various chassis and cabinets with professional technology, reasonable price, timely delivery and convenient and fast service.

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