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Overview of electronic transformer

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a simple transformer is composed of a closed conductive magnet and two windings, one of which is connected to the AC power supply, called the primary winding NP, and the other winding can be connected to the load, called the secondary winding ns
if the primary winding is connected to the power supply of AC voltage UI and the transformer is at no-load, the alternating power supply IO is generated in the primary winding. IO is called no-load current. This current establishes the alternating magnetic flux closed along the magnetic circuit of the magnetic core. The magnetic flux passes through the primary winding and the secondary winding at the same time. The self induced electromotive force E1 is generated in the primary winding, and the mutual inductance electromotive force E2 is generated in the secondary pole, then E1: E2 = NP: ns. NP is the number of turns of primary winding and NS is the number of turns of secondary winding
transformers play the roles of boosting, reducing voltage, isolating, rectifying, frequency conversion, phase inversion, impedance matching, inverting, energy storage, filtering, etc. in electronic circuits. A classification by working frequency:
power frequency transformer: working frequency is 50Hz or 60Hz
medium frequency transformer: working frequency is 400Hz or 1kHz
audio transformer: working frequency is 20Hz or 20kHz
ultra audio transformer: above 20kHz, not more than 100kHz
high frequency transformer: working frequency is usually above kHz to above 100kHz
b classification by purpose:
power transformer: transformer used to provide power required by electronic equipment
audio transformer: transformer used for audio amplification circuit and audio equipment
pulse transformer: transformer working in pulse circuit, whose waveform is generally unipolar rectangular pulse wave
Special Transformer: Transformer with a special function, such as parameter transformer, voltage stabilizing transformer, super isolation transformer, Transmission line transformer, magnetic flux leakage transformer
switching power supply transformer: transformer used in switching power supply circuit
communication transformer: transformer used for straight separation and filtering in communication network. Electronic transformer materials mainly include
bobbin, base, case
copper wire
magnetic core (Si steel)
copper foil
insulating tape
safety tape, Also known as margin tape
chemical materials: solder bar, insulating oil (varnish), glue (epoxy, glue), thinner (thinner), flux (scaling powder), ink (ink) 1) pre-processing, such as copper foil, skeleton and other pre-processing; (process)
2) winding; (winding coil)
3) terminal lead wire
4) solder I; (DIP holder 1)
5) combined magnetic core, including dispensing and tape wrapping; (assembly)
6) test 1; (test 1)
7) baking glue; (bake glue)
8) leaching; (DIP varnished or vacuumed varnish)
9) roast Vaseline; (bake varnish)
10) solder II; (DIP solver 2)
11) test 2; (test 2)
12) appearance inspection and cleaning; (& amp; cleaning)
13) finished product packaging; (packing)
note: this process is a general process, and some processes for specific products can be deleted. A. Inductance
B. leakage inductance
C. DC resistance
D. turn ratio
E. hi pot
F. insulation impedance
g. mechanical dimension
h. interlayer insulation
I. in circuit test
electronic transformer, semiconductor switching device, semiconductor rectifier device and capacitor are called the four main components in power supply device. According to the function in power supply device, electronic transformer can be divided into:
1) power transformer, power transformer, rectifier transformer, inverter transformer, switching transformer and pulse power transformer
2) broadband transformer, audio transformer and mid cycle transformer for transmitting broadband, audio frequency, mid cycle power and signal
3) pulse transformer for transmitting pulse, driving and triggering signals, driving transformer and triggering transformer
4) isolation transformer for primary side and secondary side insulation and shielding transformer for shielding
5) phase number conversion transformer for single phase change three-phase or three-phase to single-phase, and phase conversion transformer (phase shifter) for changing output phase
6) frequency doubling or frequency dividing transformer for changing output frequency
7) matching transformer for changing the matching between output impedance and load impedance
8) voltage stabilizing transformer (including constant voltage transformer) or current stabilizing transformer for stabilizing output voltage or current, and voltage regulating transformer for regulating output voltage
9) filter inductor for AC and DC filtering
10) electromagnetic interference filter inductor for suppressing electromagnetic interference and noise filter inductor for suppressing noise
11) absorption inductor for absorbing surge current and buffer inductor for slowing down current change rate
12) energy storage inductor for energy storage and commutation inductor for semiconductor switch commutation
13) magnetic switching inductors and transformers for switching
14) controllable inductor and saturated inductor for regulating inductance
15) voltage transformer, current transformer, pulse transformer, DC transformer, zero flux transformer, weak current transformer, zero sequence current transformer and Hall current and voltage detector for transforming voltage, current or pulse detection signals
as can be seen from the above list, electronic transformers are indispensable for DC power supply, AC power supply and special power supply. Some people define the power supply as DC power supply and AC power supply transformed by high-frequency switch. When introducing the function of soft magnetic electromagnetic components in power supply technology, various electromagnetic components in high-frequency switching power supply are often cited as examples. At the same time, among the soft magnetic electromagnetic components used in electronic power supply, various transformers occupy the main position. Therefore, transformers are called “Electronic Transformers” as the representative of soft magnetic components in electronic power supply

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