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Packaging box technology of packaging technology

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in the era of differentiated competition, in order to be in a competitive position in the market, enterprises continue to highlight the brand image, create visual beauty and enhance product value through innovative design, the use of new materials and the application of special decoration means, so that they can stand out from the shelves and become the first choice of consumers. In order to meet this demand of manufacturers, packaging box supply enterprises also build their core competitiveness through continuous process innovation and fine production, and strive to provide enterprises with more value-added processes and create more value-added profits for themselves
1. With the continuous increase of wood consumption, the contradiction between supply and demand has become increasingly prominent. Accelerating the development of wood conservation and substitution is of great significance to meet the market demand, resist forest over quota logging, maintain ecological balance, promote the sustainable utilization of forest resources and maintain the international image of China’s active protection of the natural environment. As the best substitute for logs, wood veneer comes out along the market. Veneer technology is widely used in packaging boxes. It will continue to capture various elements in line with the development of the times, and win the support and trust of consumers with scientific product structure and novel products. Huaguang Seiko adopts the process planning of modern science and technology and the production operation mode, and finally forms an original and high-precision process mode to realize the value-added goal of proprietary process. 2. Sticker process sticker process is the most commonly used surface finishing process for wooden boxes. According to the processing method, it can be divided into machine stickers and manual stickers. Wood grain paper is a new decorative material made of high molecular polymer (PVC) and various additives through pressing, compounding and wood grain printing. It is characterized by realistic wood grain, which can completely imitate the wood grain of natural plants to achieve the effect of “confusing the false with the true”. Its fine surface effect attracts the attention of consumers. Its appearance has found a very promising direction for the development of wooden boxes, greatly improved the added value of sticker wooden boxes, and brought considerable value-added profits to enterprises. 3. Piano paint process piano paint process is a kind of baking paint process. Compared with ordinary high gloss painting, piano paint has two essential differences: first, piano paint has a thick primer layer and exquisite finish. The surface layer is crystal clear and has strong penetration. Second: the surface layer of piano paint is relatively brittle and should be protected carefully. Due to such differences, piano paint is much higher than other paints in brightness, compactness, especially stability. After decades, the surface of piano paint is still as bright as new, while the ordinary brightness paint has long been oxidized and penetrated into the old view. In addition, piano paint baking process products must be dried for a long time in the production process, and the hardness of the finished products can be comparable to that of artificial marble; At the same time, due to the construction process of drying and physical treatment, the formaldehyde or harmful substances to human body contained in the wooden box plate and coating have been completely volatilized. Therefore, the wooden box of piano paint baking is more environmentally friendly. In fact, fashionable things have a strong background of the times and may become obsolete in a few years. How can I still like it after the fashion period? That is to explore the favorite things in people’s heart. It is necessary to start with people’s character and their feelings for material, color and space, and choose what they think is good. Even if it is not popular in the future, he will still like it. There are many styles and lifestyles in it. Piano paint can touch people’s sensitive nerves eager for change, and can also grasp the lifeline of fashion and avant-garde consumption. The laser engraving can be used to carve complex patterns on the surface, especially on the three-dimensional surface, which can be carved with high precision. Advantages of laser engraving technology: 1) wide application range and low price; 2) Safe and reliable: non-contact processing is adopted, which will not cause mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress to the material. There is no “knife mark”, which will not damage the surface of the machined part and will not deform the material; 3) Precise and meticulous: the machining accuracy can reach 0.02mm; 4) Conservation and environmental protection; 5) Consistent effect: ensure that the processing effect of the same batch is completely consistent; 6) High speed and fast: high speed engraving can be carried out immediately according to the pattern output by the computer; 7) Low cost: it is not limited by the number of processing. For small batch processing services, laser processing is cheaper. With the rapid development of optoelectronic technology, laser engraving technology is applied more and more widely, and the requirement of engraving accuracy is higher and higher. The wooden box needs to be expressed in the form of exquisite carving to make the packaging box simple and elegant. 5. Gold polishing process at present, gold polishing process is becoming a “new favorite” for packaging boxes to improve the visual effect and value of products. After carving, the wooden box will generally feel burned. Matching with the wood background color, it has an original artistic beauty. The depth of its color mainly depends on the laser power and carving speed. The gold polishing process allows you to color the products at any time. It has the characteristics of high speed, low cost and good effect. It can produce a very ideal decorative effect regardless of the thickness and area of the picture and text. In particular, the gold powder used for wiping gold is colorful, commonly used are gold, silver and black, as well as special colors that can be customized. On the packaging boxes of many foreign brands, using gold powder to create luxurious and elegant visual effects and make the surface decoration jump from two-dimensional plane to three-dimensional has become an important means to enhance the value of goods and attract consumers. This technology has obtained very significant market effect in product decoration, and has also brought considerable value-added effect to packaging box supply enterprises. 6. Branding process branding process is a traditional process method, that is, use electric soldering iron of different sizes or heat bronzing template to burn patterns and words on the surface of wooden box. With the development of science and technology, today we use advanced branding machine to directly heat the gold stamping die to brand various patterns and words. Branding can not only create eye-catching brand value from the visual effect, but also create grade differences in technology and enhance product value. For wooden boxes with branding technology, enterprises must choose materials. The effects of branding on different plates are completely different. To achieve the ideal effect of branding, pine is the best choice. As the soldering process needs to be aligned in the process of bronzing plate design, production and branding implementation, there are certain requirements for surface flatness and branding temperature. 7. Silk screen printing process silk screen printing process is a process widely used in wooden boxes. The principle of silk screen printing is: when the printing plate is in silk screen printing, the ink is transferred to the substrate through the holes of the hole plate through a certain pressure to form an image or text. Silk screen printing equipment is simple, easy to operate, simple plate making, low cost and strong adaptability. It can be printed n
ot only on the plane, but also on the substrate of curved surface, spherical surface and concave convex surface. Silk screen printing has thick ink layer, strong coverage and rich texture. If you understand the characteristics and advantages of silk screen printing, you can develop strengths and avoid weaknesses and highlight the advantages of silk screen printing, so as to achieve a more ideal effect. 8. Metal patch metal patch (also known as metal self-adhesive sign, up sign and three-dimensional sign) is the most luxurious and high-grade decorative sign in the world at present. The product is generally 0.03-0.2mm thick and is mainly refined from metal copper, 24K gold, imported 3M glue and other materials. The main colors are gold, silver and gun black. The application of metal patches helps to improve the beauty and grade of products. It is of great significance to open the market and increase brand awareness, so that the products have a very unique effect, and bring new opportunities for value-added to enterprises. To sum up, in the charming market of wooden box, it is the eternal pursuit of wooden box supply enterprises to adopt various value-added processes to make every element perfectly displayed. Relying on existing equipment, wooden box supply enterprises establish a product-oriented value-added scheme for wooden boxes through process innovation and new material application, which is not only the key to promote independent innovation and obtain more value-added, but also an important opportunity for enterprises to improve their own value and development space. Using the idea of productization and value-added technology to express the cultural and artistic value of wooden boxes is the fundamental for wooden box supply enterprises to stand at the forefront of the times and have unique market value. Only value-added can develop! Relief bronzing
this process shows a bronzing method with stronger metal and three-dimensional feeling through the change of bronzing plate. Through the concave convex change of relief pattern, the picture and text presents the texture of metal relief, which makes the bronzed picture and text jump out of the plane and bring stronger visual impact light engraving paper
a paper material with very high technical content, which integrates many advanced technologies such as local embossing, holographic laser anti-counterfeiting, vacuum aluminum plating, paper plastic composite slitting and nested printing, and changes the situation of single laser grain effect in the past. The gorgeous visual effect of paper is unique. In addition, it has unique anti-counterfeiting function, which can not be copied, It is also convenient for consumers to visually identify the authenticity
summary of wine box packaging process
key words: wine box
gluing: three kinds, light glue, pet light glue and dumb glue
bronzing: gold, silver, laser gold, bronze gold and so on. Generally, gold or silver is bronzed after gluing; There should be a alignment line out of the film; There are various bronzing effects, but they are also classified according to the bronzing substrate, including bronzing paper, flannelette, plastic and so on
embossing: two kinds, ordinary embossing and three-dimensional embossing
computer engraving (with three-dimensional effect, such as spherical surface): to make electric engraving, fill in the color when making the document and attach the explanatory text
embossing: two kinds, light grain and coarse grain, turn the texture to be pressed into real color, bleed 5mm, and explode fertilizer at the hollowed out place by 0.6 ~ 1mm
hydraulic pressure: hot pressing, which is deeper and more refined than embossing, For the material of copper plate, the film method is the same as that of embossing. It is also the real color of the grain, but the non grain part should be hung with mesh (55%), 45 degree angle, 110 lines and circular mesh points to make a fine sanding effect
UV: it belongs to silk screen printing plate; Light and dumb effects; Colorful powder, also known as colorful onion; The folding edge of silk screen film is 1.5mm and hollowed out; Local UV effect can make the color brighter
frozen snowflakes: silk screen printing version; Coarse, medium and fine; Hollowing out with folded edge of 1.5mm (or not, depending on the situation); It is equivalent to adding miscellaneous points. The color will be slightly darker after making. Generally, there are many gold and silver cards
matte: it belongs to silk screen printing plate; Coarse, medium and fine; The folded edge shall be hollowed out by 1.5mm. There are fine grinding sand and coarse grinding sand; The effect is very textured. It is often made of gold and silver card spot color
plastic imitation metal brand: copper, gold, light gold and silver. Wine box decoration is common. There is no need to produce the film. It is necessary to make documents, transfer to the effect drawing, and fill in color to explain where the bulge and depression should be.

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