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Packaging design and production process

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the design and production of packaging is the main content of “packaging”. It is complex, extensive, open and rigorous. It can be regarded as an applied process discipline. To do a good job in packaging, we need to have a considerable understanding of packaging software design, packaging materials, packaging machinery and equipment and packaging, transportation and preservation

Step 1: packaging design

the planner decides the product direction and the designer leads the design content, and then operates, outlines, draws and designs through graphic design software such as adobe or Adobe Photoshop or adobe
InDesign and Corel CorelDRAW, or three-dimensional design software such as Maxon Cinema 4D, Autodesk
3dsmax and Autodesk Maya Render the design composition drawing and effect drawing of the packing box


Step 2: material preparation

the preparation of packaging materials includes the preparation and procurement of basic packaging materials such as paperboard, glass, metal and plastic, and auxiliary materials such as adhesive and cutting preparation

Step 3: packaging printing

this step is the key step of packaging landing. The design drawings given by the designer are printed in batch under the operation of the packaging machine. At present, there are mainly offset printing, flexographic printing, gravure printing and other processes

of course, rigorous packaging production must carry out proofing pilot before batch output. Some design effects or proofing effects are unsatisfactory and substandard, and there is the possibility of repeated communication and design modification

Step 4: packaging finishing

packaging finishing is an upgrading operation of packaging products to further improve the appearance of packaging. Ordinary printing has been unable to meet the aesthetic level of contemporary people. Therefore, more and more packaging finishing, decoration and decoration processes are gradually mature

at present, the common packaging finishing processes include polishing, hot stamping, bulging, compounding, mounting, etc. after these processes, the packaging will become more beautiful and colorful

Step 5: die cutting

this step has reached the final stage of packaging molding. Through the processes of slotting, slitting, cross cutting, compounding and slitting on the printed packaging template, the packaging box, packaging bag and packaging box are gradually formed. Some of the packing boxes can be produced directly by printing slotting machine with objective efficiency, but special cartons such as pallet cartons still need die-cutting operation like cartons in addition to slotting

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