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Packaging method of parts

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the export packaging of parts and components should not only use wooden pallets and cartons. The shipping environment is relatively humid, with a lot of water vapor, salt and fog, and parts are easy to rust. It is recommended that you use the three-dimensional anti rust bag as the inner package to protect the metal from seawater erosion and your parts from rust. In addition, you can place anti rust desiccant in the package to absorb water and moisture and prevent rust.

landlord, your product is valuable and special. It’s worth spending more on packaging. Don’t lead to greater losses in order to save these supposed costs.

it can be made in wooden packing cases. Export wooden packing cases and wooden pallets can fully meet LZ’s needs. Now wooden case packaging is the most used packaging method in the logistics industry. It is obviously inappropriate to put things as big and heavy as cartons for export.

30 pieces of cloth is expensive. Just spread it evenly on the quotation.


if you don’t need to pay attention to the beautiful packaging
it is strongly recommended to use wooden boxes + buffer devices
cardboard boxes of that size···

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