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Packing belt production line

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If you want to start a business and build a packing belt production line, do you have expert guidance on how the market is and what aspects to pay attention to? Thank you

it seems that you want to start your own business, produce, pack and sell. Production and sales are two completely different concepts. If you haven’t been in contact with this industry before and have no customers on hand, you can’t open a factory with money alone, so you should consider it clearly
in my opinion, if you want to start a factory and make a profit, you must first have certain customers. In terms of packing belts, customers are agents. They produce at least 2000 rolls of packing belts every month. Only when three employees are counted, can the principal be guaranteed. The customer is a direct factory, the unit price is slightly higher, and 1000 rolls per month can guarantee the principal
there is also the investigation and understanding of the packing belt market. At present, the main customers mainly use what kind of echelon of packing belt, because the packing belt
is divided into two materials: brand-new material and recycled material. The recycled material is divided into nearly 10 grades of prices according to different material costs. If there are many new material belts, we must use a higher-grade production line, so that the production capacity is large and the quality is stable. With more recycled materials, you can buy cheaper equipment, more than 100000 machines, and a daily output of about 2.5 tons
however, in the long run, it is more competitive to invest in high-end packing belt production lines. There are three reasons:
1. Now the domestic labor cost is getting higher and higher, and there are many full-automatic packers in various factories, so the requirements for the packing belt are also improved
2. In order to improve competitiveness, manufacturers pay more attention to cost control and will buy materials according to the length. The longer the packing belt, the better
3. The full-automatic production line has higher performance, more stability, more intelligence, less dependence on people, and good recruitment

in short, if you want to make a packing belt, it’s not as simple as spending some money to invest in a production line and the money will come automatically. All the plans and details should be well known. Only in this way can we be invincible. wish you success.

the packing belt production line is composed of strong extrusion host, supporting auxiliary machine, extended cooling water tank, oven, traction embossing unit, double configuration belt winding unit and split automatic temperature control electric cabinet. It is suitable for producing sandwich belt and non sandwich belt at all levels of recycled plastic particles. It is used for direct packing belt production; It can be directly processed into hand, machine, dyeing and printing packing belt, which can be completed at one time; It can be directly processed into hand, machine and printing core packing belt, ultra wide, ultra-thin, ultra narrow, transparent, dyeing and printing packing belt. It is the most cost-effective, highly competitive and most popular product for small and medium-sized investment in the market. It can produce all kinds of manual belt, machine belt and export belt.


you can see the packing belt in my blog. Please introduce it there.

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