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The paper sorting machine I use is always bad. What’s the solution!

Dongguan Liaobu Ruiyang automatic counting and sorting machine, which can also be equipped with box sealing machine, packaging machine and code spraying machine

intelligent counting card issuing machine can be used for the whole stack of sheet products (such as prize cashing card, certificate of conformity, card, game card, postcard, greeting card, hanging tag, hanging tag, packaging bag, unformed carton, label, envelope, red envelope, A4 paper, A5 manual, warranty card, etc.) Folding products (such as instructions, publicity posters and folding products of different sizes) and local products (such as instructions, card books, notebooks, animation books, magazines and local products of different sizes) are automatically separated and transmitted to the conveyor belt as a single. It can not only be used for card counting alone, but also can be easily integrated into related equipment for automatic card counting. It can also be used on the packaging line with various packaging equipment, such as pillow packaging machine, vertical packaging machine, box sealing machine, automatic conveyor, automatic retraction packaging machine, etc


at present, there are three types of friction paging machines on the market. The cheapest one is 2000-3000 yuan. This kind of belt is easy to wear. After adjustment, the belt will wear and cannot be divided well. Too much paper and too heavy in the chute will also affect the paging effect. Another kind is similar, with a little improvement. The price is 4-7000 one. At present, this kind of printing is used a lot, and the belt will be better than the previous one, but this kind of disadvantage is also similar to the previous paragraph. You can’t put more paper on it, only a little at a time. Compared with 2000-3000 one belt, it is not so easy to damage, and the thinned paper is still easy to make mistakes. The third kind has been greatly improved. Of course, the price has also increased accordingly. The machining accuracy of machine parts is very high, and the assembly requirements are also high. After all, it is impossible to separate several silk thick paper without these. The biggest improvement is that the machine is intelligent, which can realize the wrong alarm function, set the number of sheets and pause time, and search Lianhao packaging to produce this, You can call for advice

find Lingjia Lingjia machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of code spraying pagination machine

then buy a new one. Do you want to find a manufacturer

is it inseparable or the effect of separation is not good
ask the manufacturer and ask them to solve it for you.

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