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Pillow packing machine common problems and solutions, who knows?

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I have to take the paper. I have just done this after-sales service. I have encountered many problems. Who knows how to help? Thank you~

I’m in the business of pillow packing machine and after-sales. I’ve been doing it for 4 years. Now I’m on a business trip in Korea. It’s not easy to do after-sales. There are many problems with pillow packing machine. Let me tell you something if it often happens

1. The pillow packing machine cuts constantly
(also known as the lotus root is broken; the packaging film is cut from the blade on the knife base, and the packaging film is not disconnected)
for this problem, if this kind of situation occurs in the machine just bought back, first look at the type of goods you pack. If hard items such as metal are cut to the edge of the knife by the cutter, they are easy to break, After eliminating such problems, let’s see if the pressure regulation is loose. Press the pressure down again to the bottom, and then retreat for one or two circles. Another problem to pay attention to is that if you pack hard items or thick and hard items, the pressure adjustment cannot be adjusted too tightly. It is appropriate to press it to the end and then retreat for about 4 circles. I think if the pressure is too dead, in case the material is cut by the cutter, it will be stuck in the middle

2. What if the material is stuck in the cutter? (pressing forward or backward is not enough)


first of all, as mentioned above, if the pressure is too tight and your goods are relatively thick, this kind of situation is easy to occur. At this time, just loosen all the pressure adjustment and then break the gear, but don’t forget to adjust the pressure back after taking out the materials

3. The proximity switch fails (appears on the screen)

I believe many people have encountered it. The proximity switch of the paper pillow packaging machine is on both sides of the end seal of the machine, some on the left and some on the right according to the different models. Take the 320 standard pillow packaging model as an example. When you stand in front of the screen, the proximity switch is close to you. Open the end seal protective shell close to yourself, and then you will see the pull plate of the end seal. The pull plate is to adjust the speed of the knife base. On it, you can see something connected with a wire, which is the proximity switch. There is a gear on the board. There is a screw or other protruding object on the gear. Now press the screw until it turns to the proximity switch position, and then stop to see if the light on the proximity switch is on. Normally, the light will not be on if this problem occurs. Then you just press the proximity switch in a little, Just keep the distance between the screw and the object close to the light, or put the screw outside a little, but pay attention to the gap between the screw and the board. If it is too close, it will touch the board. If your screw is close to the proximity switch and still doesn’t light up, there is a problem with the wire of the proximity switch or the whole proximity switch. At this time, replace the whole proximity switch. Normally, the light will flash once every time the screw is turned to the position of proximity switch

4. It is easy to burst the bag (that is, the bag will suddenly burst when walking)

for many users, this may be an annoying problem. After exploding the bag, first analyze where it starts to burst. If it starts to burst outside the bag maker, it means that your bag maker is too large and the size should be appropriate. If the bag maker is low, don’t put it too high, The width is a little wider than the material. If it still explodes, open the cover plate at the center of the pillow packaging machine, and then see if the length of the sealing position of the packaging film is the same. If it is too poor, the bag will explode. You can see which side is long and which side is short. If it is short inside and long outside, you can adjust it in, otherwise it is outside. The other is that the film explodes at the middle seal position. At this time, open the middle seal ironing plate a little, and basically this situation is solved. If not, check whether the middle seal ironing board is in line with the center wheels on the left and right sides. It is possible to move. Just adjust it to be consistent

5. The length of the middle seal position of the bag coming out is different

this is relatively simple. After the film comes out, turn over the film to see which side is long and which side is short. Pay attention to the direction in which the film is picked up, and then adjust the paper rack to enter and exit. The short inside is transferred in and the short outside is transferred out

the above are all common problems of paper feeding on pillow packaging machine. Pure hand beating ~ I hope it can help you

the pillow packing machine has many faults, which can not be explained clearly in one sentence or two. I repair the jinparker pillow ice cream packing machine

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