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Pillow type packaging machine?

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Use an ordinary electric frequency converter and an encoder. The encoder directly sends pulses to the servo, which is equivalent to the slave shaft following the spindle. Is this OK? And what’s the cam on the packaging machine?

the packing machine in the consulting room is very convenient to use, and the price is not expensive. The working principle of this packing machine will be introduced below
pillow packaging machine is a continuous packaging machine with strong packaging capacity and can be used for food and non food packaging in a variety of specifications. It can not only be used for the packaging of non trademark packaging materials, but also can use the drum material with trademark pattern printed in advance for high-speed packaging. In packaging production, due to the error between the positioning color codes printed on the packaging materials, the stretching of the packaging materials and the influence of mechanical transmission and other factors, the predetermined sealing and cutting parts on the packaging materials may deviate from the correct position and produce errors. In order to eliminate errors and achieve the purpose of correct sealing and cutting, automatic positioning must be considered in packaging design. Most of the solutions to this problem are to complete the design of continuous photoelectric automatic positioning system according to the positioning mark of packaging materials. The continuous photoelectric positioning system is divided into forward and backward type, braking type and synchronous type of two transmission systems according to the working mode of error compensation
structural features
1) dual frequency converter control, the bag length is set and cut immediately, there is no need to adjust the empty walk, one step in place, saving time and film
2) text type man-machine interface, convenient and fast parameter setting
3) fault self diagnosis function, and the fault display is clear at a glance
4) high sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark tracking makes the sealing and cutting position more accurate
5) the temperature is controlled by independent PID, which is better suitable for all kinds of coating materials
6) positioning shutdown function, no knife sticking and no film consumption
7) the transmission system is simple, the work is more reliable and the maintenance is more convenient
8) all controls are realized by software, which is convenient for function adjustment and technology upgrading and will never lag behind.

I Heating temperature jump:
1 Check whether there is too much carbon on the collector ring, resulting in poor contact of the thermocouple
2. Check whether the thermocouple wiring on the collector ring and carbon brush holder is loose and oxidized
3. Check whether the carbon brush holder is aging and the spring has no tension
treatment of heating temperature jump of packaging machine:
1 Remove carbon deposits with sandpaper or sandpaper
2. Tighten the thermocouple wires of each terminal on the carbon brush holder of the collector ring
3. Replace the carbon brush holder
1 Before production, check whether there is too much carbon on the collector ring and deal with it in time
2. Before production, check whether the thermocouple wiring points of the collector ring are loose and deal with them in time; 3. Check whether it is aging before production and deal with it in time; Emergency method: if the temperature jump and float is too large and cannot be handled in the production process, the upper and lower seal temperatures can be used for each other, and the inner and outer temperatures of the longitudinal seal can be used for each other. Use the lower heating line of the solid-state relay together and repair it when the machine is flushed or shut down
II Display and check the relevant circuits of thermocouples in horizontal upper seal, horizontal lower seal, vertical seal or vertical seal:
circuit analysis of packaging machine:
1 Check whether the thermocouple wiring on the collector ring is loose, falling off and oxidized
2. Check whether the thermocouple wiring on the carbon brush holder is loose, falling off and oxidized
3. Measure the quality of thermocouple, and the normal resistance value is about 8 Ω
1 If the collector ring wiring is loose or falls off, it shall be fixed and tightened again, and if there is oxidation at the wiring, the oxide layer shall be polished off or the wire nose shall be pressed again
2. If the wiring of the carbon brush holder is loose or falls off, fix it again and tighten it. If there is oxidation at the wiring, polish off the oxide layer or press the wire nose again
3. Replace thermocouple
1 Before production, check the collector ring wiring for looseness, falling off and oxidation, and deal with problems in time
2. Before the production of the packaging machine, check whether the wiring of the carbon brush holder is loose, falling off and oxidized, and deal with the problems in time
3. Before production, check whether there is friction between the thermocouple and the mechanical part, and see whether the thermocouple itself has fracture marks, especially at the joint inserted into the cutter; No dead bending is allowed during the installation and replacement of thermocouples.

assembly line integrated production packaging is applied to filling (filling), sealing machine and coding of (bagged and bottled) products in food, medicine, daily chemical, hardware, lighting, furniture and other industries
it mainly includes: liquid (paste) filling machine, pillow packaging machine, horizontal packaging machine, vertical packaging machine, powder particle packaging machine, bag feeding automatic packaging machine, automatic packaging machine for frozen products, etc
Product peripheral 
packaging equipment, which is used for spraying (printing) production date, sealing, film shrinking, etc.
mainly includes: packaging machine, filling machine, sealing machine, coding machine, packaging machine, vacuum machine, shrinking machine, vacuum packaging machine, weighing packaging machine, etc
the packaging machine adopts color touch screen and PLC control with stable and reliable double axis high-precision output to complete bag making, metering, filling, sealing, coding and bag cutting at one time
it adopts independent separation of gas circuit control and circuit control, with low noise and stable performance
double belt servo die and double servo control are adopted, which has less resistance, good packaging bag forming, more beautiful, high-precision positioning and accurate size.


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