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Precautions for wine packaging

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is it the packaging at the time of delivery
shockproof, smash proof and fall proof The whole box of wine is filled with things Key tips for outer packaging [fragile goods]

when the wine box in the wine packaging design enters the market circulation and consumption, it must have the packaging theme and focus. Bainian packaging emphasizes the pertinence of the wine box packaging design, so as to make the goods marketable and more competitive in the market. Today, with the continuous improvement of science and technology, Bainian packaging has gradually deepened and refined its understanding of commodity packaging. It not only requires high quality of commodities, but also requires packaging design in wine packaging, harmonious and pleasing colors, novel modeling and exquisite manufacturing technology
the wine box structure design software for wine packaging can generally complete the work from the initial design of carton and carton structure to the marking, bridging and arrangement of dimensions. However, unlike other box types, wine boxes are more selective. Most of the wine packaging design needs our experienced talents in packaging
General wine packaging design software also has three-dimensional plane effect, which makes us intuitively face the design effect and make better choices
the wine box in wine packaging design is an important part of commodities and a means to realize commodity value and use value. Successful commodity packaging design can participate in the products packaged in Bainian. It must be based on the principle of meeting the needs of shopping malls and a bridge between commodity production and consumption. It is closely related to people’s life
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pay attention to avoiding light, collision and crushing

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