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Quotation formula for color box printing

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Color boxes are divided into heaven and earth covers, three-layer pits, five-layer pits and other forms. What is their calculation formula?

it’s complicated. Some old salesmen who have worked for many years can’t quote. It’s possible. Ordinary companies have special quotation staff
generally, the quotation is based on the cost of process and material + profit:
raw material cost + process processing cost + knife and die cost + transportation cost. This principle applies to any box type.
to accurately grasp the quotation, you need to learn for at least 3 months; For various box types, you can’t prepare the quotation without 1-2 years of experience. If you are interested in this, you can contact me
downstairs. It’s just the calculation method of paper, only 50 & amp; Cost around

weight x grams x ton price divided by 500 sheets x prints x1 1% loss
I only know this, and I don’t know anything else

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