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Recycling and utilization of plastic bottles (data)

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since the early 1990s, the school has proactively focused on the focus of the world – environment and environmental issues. In the activities of creating a “green school”, it has focused on rendering the campus atmosphere, environmental protection, community and family interaction, and gradually formed a diversified and networked environmental education activity system. It aims to guide teachers and students to establish environmental awareness, master environmental protection knowledge, and standardize their behavior with the concept of protecting the environment, the coordinated development of man and the environment, nature and society. Its educational activities have achieved remarkable results and have had a far-reaching impact on the society

I. carry out environmental education theme activities in combination with international and domestic environment related festivals

according to the national key contents of environmental education every year, the school has determined the activity theme of environmental education. ① On arbor day in March, we carried out the activities of “visiting spring” and “Arbor Day – each person planted a small tree in person”. ② During the bird week in April, we held a knowledge contest on “how much do you know about birds”; On April 22, “Earth Day”, the school organized all young pioneers to carry out a series of large-scale activities of “defending the mother river”. ③ In May, we organized students to participate in the selection activities of “excellent environmental protection essay” and “Jingzhou environmental sanitation” jointly carried out by Jingzhou Environmental Protection Bureau and Jingzhou Education Bureau, and let the school’s “little guard of environmental protection” take to the streets and communities to publicize the environmental protection law, which pushed the environmental education activities to a climax. ④ With the arrival of the world environment day in June, we organized students to watch the film “the origin of life”, write “letters and solicitations for environmental protection in the new century”, and carry out environmental protection painting competitions and environmental protection handwritten newspaper competitions. It also issued a proposal to the city’s young pioneers to “build a beautiful Songzi and be a civilized citizen”. It is suggested that the young pioneers in the city should start from themselves and from the small things around them, take care of a green space, pick up a sapling, pick up a piece of garbage, wipe off a wall, keep one side clean, and do their part to make Songzi a bright city with green mountains, clear water, blue sky and green space. ⑤ In July, when the summer vacation is coming, we will organize students to carry out “green summer camp” activities as usual to lead students into the picturesque dangerous water scenic spot. While enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, we will investigate the environmental status around the scenic spot and jointly discuss the environmental protection and governance measures of the scenic spot. Improve students’ awareness of environmental protection and social responsibility

in addition, since 2000, led by the youth headquarters, our school has unremittingly carried out a series of activities of “using waste to help poor students” among all young pioneers. Call on the team members to carry out recycling and utilization activities of renewable resources. For example, garbage sorting bins and waste recycling bins are set up in each class to allow students to recycle old newspapers, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, etc., which are recycled and sold by the school. The money from the sale is used to help the poor students of the school and “hand in hand” poor schools. In the past four years, the whole school has recycled 7106 kg of waste and subsidized more than 10 poor students. This activity has become a traditional project of our school’s environmental education theme activities


I. exhibition of various environmental monitoring and scientific exploration practice activities

students carried out environmental exploration scientific experiments under the guidance of teachers and experts from environmental education co construction units, and carried out a number of biological and environmental science exploration activities, such as “bagasse cultivation of black fungus”, “white pollution investigation around me”, “investigation and protection measures of hazardous water environment”, “cultivation of green turtles”, and achieved gratifying results. All the above activities require the participation of all students, and strive to make every child care about the environment, protect the environment, and contribute to the environment, that is, human beings. These activities not only cultivate the students’ spirit of environmental science exploration, but also enable the students to master certain environmental protection skills and methods of conducting environmental science experiments, which are very popular with the students

III. organize students to participate in community environmental protection activities

every semester, we have planned and organized to lead students to participate in environmental protection activities in the city and community, including the “ten thousand people clean the city” activity, environmental publicity, environmental protection theme art shows, etc. Over the years, our “little guard of environmental protection” has become a new force in community environmental activities, and the student participation rate has reached 100%. The Chang’an community where the school is located is a “green community”. This also includes the active participation and hard work of our teachers and students

at the initiative of the school and driven by the students, parents are also increasingly concerned about the environment, and a large number of environmental protection parents have emerged. Environmental protection parents drive their children and their families to protect the environment with their own words and deeds. For example, some parents often buy green products under the influence of their children. Some students’ parents take the lead among relatives and friends in not eating wild animals and actively stocking wild animals, etc. These examples fully illustrate that environmental education activities in the family can influence parents through their children, and parents have played a good role in promoting their children

we know that environmental education is a systematic project with sustainable development, which requires our unremitting efforts. Our experimental primary school will, as always, carry out environmental education activities to maintain the sustainable development of environmental education.

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