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Resurgence of the Circular of the general office of the State Council on restricting the production, sale and use of plastic shopping bags

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there is little difference in sales before and after plastic restriction
the State prohibits the production and sales of ultra-thin plastic bags with a thickness of less than 0.025mm, but these plastic bags are still common in farmers’ markets and stalls. Yesterday, the reporter visited the wholesale market of Yide road and easily bought ultra-thin plastic bags. According to the survey of the International Food Packaging Association, at the beginning of the implementation of the plastic restriction order, half of the country’s more than 30000 plastic bag manufacturers stopped production or changed production, but now the number of manufacturers has returned to more than 20000 enterprises. Experts believe that the repeated prohibition of ultra-thin plastic bags is mainly due to the lack of government supervision, but market operators should also take the primary responsibility. Two years after the “plastic restriction order”, free plastic bags can be found everywhere in meat and vegetable markets, street stalls and even bakeries. Many of these free plastic bags are ultra-thin plastic bags that are banned from production and sales. Where did these ultra-thin plastic bags come from? The reporter learned from small food shops and roadside haunts that these plastic bags were bought on Yide road
the reporter visited the wholesale market near Yide road and found that the plastic bags prohibited by the plastic restriction order are not difficult to buy here. At the entrance of a small alley on Yide Road, when the reporter asked the owner of a shop selling environmental protection bags whether there were ultra-thin plastic bags to sell, the owner immediately showed the reporter the way: “No. 32 inner lane, you can buy it.” When the reporter asked to buy ultra-thin plastic bags, the shopkeeper subconsciously looked outside the door, and then took out a large bag from a cabinet underground, “it’s this kind, 2.5 yuan and 50.” The shopkeeper has no taboo: “these are forbidden, so be careful.” There is little difference in output
“you can have as much as you want. Many supermarkets and small stores ask us for goods. We can’t count how much we have sold since this year.” Yesterday, our reporter called a plastic bag production enterprise located in Haizhu District, Guangzhou. According to the salesman Miss Zhao, they can supply all kinds of plastic bags, “from high to low, everything”. The reporter noted that even those very cheap and poor quality plastic bags also have a place in plastic bag production enterprises. “The cheapest plastic bag is a dime.” Miss Zhao said
the reporter then called another plastic bag factory located in Panyu, Guangzhou. Slightly different from the plastic bag factory just now, the factory can not only provide a large number of cheap plastic bags, but also produce some “environmental friendly” bags
the salesmen of the two plastic bag factories said that the output was “not much different” from that before and after the plastic order in 2008. Miss Zhao told reporters that the output of plastic bags only decreased slightly, which basically did not affect the company’s business, because supermarkets and all kinds of stores have a lot of demand, “online stores have a great demand for our plastic bags in recent years”. 80% of enterprises resumed production
Dong Jinshi, Secretary General of the International Food Packaging Association, told our reporter yesterday that at the beginning of the implementation of the plastic restriction order, many plastic bag manufacturers did stop production or change production. According to the survey of the association, at that time, the number of more than 30000 production enterprises in China decreased by about half, but recently the number of production enterprises has rebounded to more than 20000, “80% of the enterprises that stopped have resumed production.”. Although it can not be said that these enterprises are producing ultra-thin plastic bags, the recovery of plastic bag production is certain
in terms of implementation in the field of circulation, the International Food Packaging Association conducted a survey at the end of last year. The implementation rate of plastic restrictions in some farmers’ wholesale markets is only 20%, and this proportion is still declining
for such a result, Dong Jinshi pointed out that the government departments’ supervision is weak, “supervision is difficult, but now the difficulty has become an excuse”. He also said that in some farmers’ markets, market operators should also take responsibility, order qualified plastic bags, and make it clear about the source and price of plastic bags, “but now some operators are not management, but informers, and have become the umbrella for the illegal use of plastic bags.”

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