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Seeking two to three rows of ultrasonic non-woven automatic packaging machine

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Now I want to buy a powder packaging machine, and the non-woven fabric is used as the outer packaging, because the outer packaging has good air permeability (products like traditional Chinese medicine powder), and the packaging needs 2-3 bags, so a manufacturer with good quality must be stable and durable! 10 points will be awarded for good answers

Henan Limin Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of packaging machines. Products: powder packaging machine, particle packaging machine, weighing packaging machine, quantitative packaging machine
it is an old factory in 1999, with mature technology and stable machine performance. If there are special requirements, it can also be customized (for example, stainless steel, anti-corrosion and explosion-proof materials can be selected for special materials.)

you can consult Baidu

16 years of experience in tea bag packaging machine manufacturer
find Yujie packaging for nylon bag packaging machine


I also need a packaging machine like yours. Have you bought it?

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