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Small paper mill equipment using corn straw as raw material

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the equipment of small paper mill with corn straw as raw material includes: a 1880 toilet paper rewinder, a band saw paper cutter and a water-cooled sealing machine

paper mill is a factory that makes paper in the form of mechanism assembly line. Papermaking can be divided into two forms: mechanism and manual. The mechanism is to continuously carry out on the paper machine, dilute the pulp suitable for paper quality with water to a certain concentration, preliminarily dehydrate the mesh of the paper machine to form wet paper sheets, press and dehydrate them, and then dry them into paper

by hand, the frame with bamboo curtain, polyester mesh or copper mesh is used to copy the fibers dispersed and suspended in water into wet paper, press and dehydrate them, and then dry or dry them into paper


corn straw can be used for papermaking, but corn straw has many nodes and contains too much ash. People don’t use corn straw as raw material for papermaking

in addition, the skin of corn straw is hard, and chemical cooking is not conducive to the penetration of liquid medicine. The quality of the produced pulp is questionable, and the strength of the produced paper is not high. Generally, it is combined with wood pulp to reduce the cost of papermaking

extended data :

the current problems faced by papermaking:

1. It is highly dependent on resources

the papermaking industry takes primary plant fibers such as wood, bamboo and reed and recycled fibers such as waste paper as raw materials. It is a resource constrained industry and highly dependent on fiber sources. Compared with the main pulp and paper-making countries in the world with high forest coverage and rich raw material resources, the contradiction between supply and demand of domestic fiber raw materials in China is prominent

2. Low market concentration

at present, China’s pulp and paper industry has few large groups, few strong enterprises, and most pulp and paper enterprises are small. This situation makes the economies of scale of enterprises impossible to realize, which limits the improvement of enterprise technology level, equipment level, product grade and the effective prevention and control of pollution

3. High resource consumption and arduous task of pollution prevention and control

the unreasonable raw material structure, scale structure and low level of technical equipment of the paper industry determine the high consumption of water, energy and materials in China’s paper industry and become the main pollution source. China’s paper industry is facing great pressure on environmental protection

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – papermaking technology and equipment

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – paper mill

Br /> straw can be produced in small-scale paper mills, but the straw storage rate is not suitable for corn pulp production. Br /> straw is not suitable for small-scale paper mills

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