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Target price of Jihong shares: 80

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Target price of Jihong shares: 80

the price of Jihong’s shares is 80. This is a second offer. Jihong’s hype. The zhuanghoo family must have known about the transfer to Deyang long in advance, and then chose to recruit some people with Jiannanchun background to take charge of their own Baijiu business in advance. After the equity transfer was completed, the company released a push related to Baijiu business under the official account, deliberately focusing on the fact that all the business people had Jiannanchun related backgrounds, and some unidentified people went to the snowball bar for diversion, so retail investors exclaimed: how come these workers all had Jiannanchun backgrounds, and the actual controller also transferred to Deyang state-owned assets
expansion materials:
first, the company has never hidden any secrets. When it announced the purchase of Baijiu, it raised sharply a few days in advance, and reached the top as soon as the announcement was made. When last year’s performance was acceptable, I wanted to disclose the number of transactions of cross-border e-commerce business every day. If there is a slight relationship with Jiannanchun this time, it will not give retail friends any chance in this position. Some people say that although Jiannanchun is a private enterprise, the trademark is in the hands of state-owned assets after all. But wake up, in this year, everyone knows that Baijiu assets are a sweet pastry, but second, no one would put such a high-quality Baijiu unless his brain was kicked by a donkey. Give in to assets. The second one won’t appear. Trademarks that are separated from the core elements of distillery, basic liquor and technology are worthless, because people who drink Baijiu are not fools. People who are willing to spend hundreds of yuan on a bottle of wine are really thousands of yuan. They don’t just look at the brand. This hype, no one really said what the relationship between Jihong and Jiannanchun is. I have to say that this is really an extremely clever means of hype. President Zhuang is really a good hand in fooling, but this may be the last song of the Zhuang family before the transfer of real control
II. Jihong shares (sz002803) $
1. Why does the total performance in the three years in the agreement only need 800 million, which is enough compared with 267 million a year, corresponding to the price of 19.35 per share pe28.00 13 times
2. Why did President Zhuang give up their voting rights for five years
3. After the two-phase transfer, Deyang has 69436481 shares, accounting for 17.9%. President Zhuang and those acting in concert have 69898676 shares, accounting for 17.99%. Why Should President Zhuang keep 0.09% more
4. Why did Ganzhou financial holding reduce 3 million shares on December 3? I’m not optimistic about the development of the company after Deyang took over
5. On the same day of the announcement, the official account introduced that four former Jiannanchun employees had held important positions in Jihong Baijiu sales. Jihong sold Maotai flavor liquor. Why did you hire people with Luzhou flavor liquor sales experience
III. after terminating the acquisition of diaotagong, the two sides held hands with Deyang for about a month. Did they give up the acquisition because they wanted to hold hands with Deyang, or did they really contact after giving up the acquisition? You know, the due diligence before signing the agreement takes a lot of time. Did diaotai Gong really give up? Why is the list of shareholders of diaotai tribute changed? It shows that the transfer of diaotai tribute actually took place and was transferred to. Who is the actual controller. If Deyang just asks Jihong to sell wine, why not invite wine and wine? Why find a professional wine sales company such as lihuazhi wine company, a listed company, and why find a small white wine company who is still a toddler. Selling Jiannanchun is even more unnecessary. This brand with its own protagonist halo still needs Xiaobai to promote. Qiao Tianming, the head of Jiannanchun family, was taken away for investigation in 2015. It has been so many years since the public trial for 18 years. Should we have a conclusion

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