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Technical principle of automatic winding machine

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full automatic winding machine is mainly used in plastic profile, aluminum, plate, pipe, dyed fabric and other industries. Introduction to full automatic winding machine
slow automatic and stop device: when the rotary table is automatic, if the rotating speed is too fast, it is easy to drop the packaging on the top layer. Slow start is adopted. There is no such concern. At the same time, the rotating speed can be adjusted without variable speed
partially reinforced packaging device: if the baling machine must be strengthened at a certain part of the package, the machine has a certain feature to strengthen the baling design
turntable positioning function: the turntable automatically returns to ensure the accurate positioning of the pallet
self protection switch device: if the height control switch fails, it cannot stop when the membrane base reaches the top, which will cause serious damage to the parts, and the failure of the microswitch is unpredictable, This machine is equipped with self-protection switch device
photoelectric switch detection device: the most advanced electric eye switch is adopted to automatically detect the height of the package
variable frequency speed regulation function: according to the winding density required by the food, the rotary table and rubber film head can be adjusted without speed change
rubber film tension control: mechanical elastic brake is adopted to control the tension of rubber film
packaging method: the machine can be used as the standard packaging method of manual up and down operation

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