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The difference between corn oil and corn germ oil

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there is no difference. Corn germ oil is also called corn oil

corn oil:

corn oil, also known as corn oil and corn germ oil, is the oil extracted from corn germ. The fat content of corn germ is between 17% ~ 45%, accounting for more than 80% of the total fat content of corn. The characteristic of fatty acids in corn oil is that the content of unsaturated fatty acids is as high as 80% ~ 85%. Corn oil itself does not contain cholesterol. It can dissolve the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood, so it can reduce the hardening effect on blood vessels. It has a positive preventive and therapeutic effect on senile diseases such as arteriosclerosis and diabetes


extended data

edible notes:

(1) do not heat to smoke, and begin to deteriorate due to smoking

(2). Do not reuse it. It is easy to deteriorate when it is cold and hot

(3). Fry no more than 3 times, and use oil with high temperature resistance

(4). Do not burn. Burning is easy to produce peroxide, resulting in liver and skin lesions

(5). Tighten the cover after use to avoid air contact, which is easy to produce oxidation

(6). Avoid being placed in direct sunlight or overheated place near the furnace. It is easy to deteriorate. It should be placed in a cool place and avoid moisture penetration, resulting in deterioration

(7) never pour the used oil into the original oil, because the molecules of the used oil will polymerize and become larger after oxidation, and the oil is viscous and easy to deteriorate & nbsp& nbsp;。

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – corn germ oil

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – corn oil

corn oil, also known as corn oil and corn germ oil, is an oil extracted from corn germ and is mainly composed of unsaturated fatty acids. Linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid of human body and an integral part of human cells. It can be combined with cholesterol in human body, showing fluidity and normal metabolism. It has the effect of preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis. Sitosterol in corn oil has the effect of reducing cholesterol, rich in vitamin E, has antioxidant effect, and can prevent and treat dry eye disease, night blindness, dermatitis, bronchiectasis and other functions, And has a certain anti-cancer effect. Due to the characteristics of corn oil and its high nutritional value, good taste and not easy to deteriorate, it is very popular. In European and American countries, corn oil is widely consumed as a high-grade edible oil, enjoying the reputation of “health oil”, “reassuring oil”, “longevity oil” and so on
corn oil is corn germ oil.

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 Hello! Corn oil is the same as corn germ oil. It's just called differently. Corn kernels cannot be used to extract oil. 2 corn is not an oil crop, with less oil content, and it is mainly in corn germ, which accounts for only about 10% of the whole corn grain. Corn germ is the core of corn life. A golden and full corn grain, only a small germ can be used to extract oil. Generally speaking, a bottle of 5 liters of corn oil needs 600000-800000 high-quality corn germ, which is small and precious. 3 corn oil contains more than 80% unsaturated fatty acids. After testing, the content of linoleic acid is more than 50%. Linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid for human body, and human body cannot synthesize it by itself. Corn oil is rich in vitamin E and phytosterols, which are good antioxidants and have high nutritional value. It is easy for people to pursue the fresh and delicious taste of corn, which contains light oil and does not meet the trend of healthy eating. 4

for one thing, corn oil is processed from corn germ, because only the germ has high oil content, and other parts have no processing value.

it’s actually a kind of oil with different names

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