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The more detailed the rotary cement packing machine, the better

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dbhyw series 6-12 rotary cement packing machine
this series of products are mainly used for packing cement bags, and can also be used for bagging other powdery and fine granular bulk materials with good flow performance. In addition to manual bag insertion, filling, metering and bag dropping can be completed automatically and continuously, and have the functions of no bag insertion, no filling, no bag dropping when the bag weight reaches the set value In addition, the filling operation can be carried out without compressed air, which greatly reduces the equipment investment and various faults caused by the damage of pneumatic components
technical parameters:
1. Weighing accuracy: 50 ± 0.5kg
2. Bag weight qualification rate: 98%
3. Single nozzle output: 15t /h
4. Motor power per nozzle: 4kw

60-120 tons of cement per hour

cement weight error 0.5kg

4000 Watt motor


I really can’t remember. Ask Weifang cement machinery factory

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