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The processing of small beef jerky needs a senior teacher to guide the production method, process and ingredients

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beef jerky is a kind of food that many friends especially like. For example, the specialty of air dried beef in Inner Mongolia and beef jerky in Hunan are quite famous. These places are important places to make this kind of product. Of course, there are better products in other places. Many friends also want to run similar food factories. They may suffer from inexperience and can’t find suitable equipment and technology, Next, I’ll talk about the production method, technological process and some equipment used in beef jerky, so that you can learn more about relevant experience. I wish you success first
processing technology of air dried beef jerky

selection of materials
the selection of materials for making high-grade air dried beef jerky is relatively strict. Generally, the hip meat and hind legs of cattle are selected. These two places have good meat quality and more lean meat, unlike many miscellaneous meat in other parts; Some large-scale manufacturers can choose commercial meat. The commercial meat has been treated with acid discharge, which is more suitable for us to process beef jerky. For commercial meat, we want to buy milong and big cucumber strips

if the output is large, the purchased meat can not be made into beef jerky in a short time. In order to ensure the quality of meat, the raw meat to be processed can be put in the cold storage first, put into the quick-frozen storage of – 26, and then put into the freezer when the temperature reaches – 18 ℃

meat cutting
the manual operation of meat cutting is to cut into 2-3cm slices first, and then cut into strips. When cutting strips, cut them along the texture direction of muscle keys, so that the dried beef can be torn into thin strips. Pay attention not to hurt your hands when cutting meat. If the output is large, simple manual cutting may not meet the needs of production. We can choose the slicer to directly cut into slices at one time, and then cut into strips manually. The combination of manual and machine is to keep the raw meat slices cut into long strips of about 50cm during cutting, so as to facilitate the hanging of materials during drying


put the cut beef strips in the container, and then put in the mixed seasoning. The seasonings here include cumin powder, pepper powder, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, thirteen spices, pepper, etc
the specific ratio is:
beef Refined salt Cumin powder monosodium glutamate Chicken essence pepper Thirteen incense cayenne pepper Beer
10kg 250g 200g 100g 50g 10g 150g appropriate amount 40ml
manual mixing can not meet the needs of production. You can use vacuum rolling machine to mix materials. The equipment allows raw meat and seasoning to be pickled in the barrel under the vacuum degree of 0.08, which saves time and effort, improves the mixing speed of pickles, and then improves the production efficiency
air drying
the traditional method is to hang the mixed strips and put them for 24 hours to make the beef jerky have a certain dryness. The modern method is to dry the mixed beef strips with a drying oven. The drying oven has a powerful function of hot air circulation and moisture removal. The set temperature should not be too high. The drying of the machine is similar to natural air drying. Generally, the air dried beef jerky with Inner Mongolia flavor can meet the demand in 4 hours, The drying oven can also ensure that the meat is delicious, and the dried beef is not inferior to the natural air dried products

this process is for the convenience of the next frying and the grading of beef jerky, so as to obtain greater profits. The beef strip is cut into the most refined high-grade product of 10cm, 5cm tapered beef jerky, and the rest is about 3cm triangular beef jerky. The price is based on quality, which can improve the product grade

ordinary beef jerky has this step of operation. Of course, it varies from person to person. Some friends may like which flavor they don’t fry. The fried beef jerky is better in taste and color. If the scale is larger, you can choose fryer, which is clean and hygienic. Fried beef with high purity sunflower oil is the best

vacuum packaging
vacuum packaging machine must be used. The manufacturer will tell you the specific operation when you buy the equipment. Large scale, continuous production has to use stretch film packaging machine

high temperature sterilization
in order to prolong the storage time of vacuum packaged beef jerky, you must use high temperature sterilization. Whether it is heated by electricity or steam depends on your own needs

wash the bag and air dry
the packed beef bags have oil stains and may be broken. The bags with a large amount must be cleaned with a bag washing machine and then air dried.

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