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The quantity of packing box is small. Can you find a custom?

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Only dozens of boxes are needed. The price can be a little more expensive, but I don’t know if there are any merchants to make it

depending on the kind, there are also manual boxes for paper. The order quantity is a little higher. If it’s a folding box, 1000 is almost enough. If it’s designed, it’s good to go to the packaging factory for production

I suggest you ask if anyone around you also needs to make cartons like you. If so, you can spell it and find a factory to make it. It’s much cheaper.

this can certainly be done, but if the carton is very special, the factory needs to re customize the knife version to make it for you according to your requirements. In addition to the cost of additional knife version, other production costs should be the same, Hangzhou Environmental Art packaging will answer for you


if the quantity is small, it’s not necessary to find a special manufacturer to customize. Can you go to the market to see if there are ready-made ones suitable for you

for small batches, there should be no special manufacturers. One is that the profit is low, and then it is time-consuming and laborious if it needs special customization. However, you can go to Hangzhou environmental art packaging to see if you can have such customization requirements

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