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The strapping machine has slow induction and sometimes does not eat the belt

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unmanned packer /strapper /strapper model: tw-102a, tw-05fa technical index: tw-102a unmanned packer /strapper /strapper power supply power: 380V /50Hz 1000W /5A packaging speed: ≤ 2.5 seconds /track table height: 750mm frame size: 800mm wide (height is determined according to needs) binding form: parallel 1-multi-channel, with photoelectric control Manual applicable wrapping belt: thickness (0.55-1.2) mm, width (9-15) mm. Electrical configuration: OMON “PLC” control, French “Te”, and photoelectric switch control, accurate (other specifications can be specially customized) Product Description: tw-102a unmanned packer /strapping machine /strapping machine: ompon photoelectric sensing, accurate, automatic conveying, automatic unmanned packaging, adjustable negative distance, packaging speed up to 25 times per minute, “#” = “word binding speed is 6 seconds. Excellent operation, flexible and adaptable ■ excellent PLC control makes the operation time accurate to 1 millisecond, which can be adjusted on site to ensure the packaging speed of special flow operation. ■ four packaging methods ensure your various packaging requirements. ■ application scope of tape wrapping: the thickness can be 0.55mm ~ 1.2mm, the straightness deviation per meter is 15% ~ 30%, and the width is 12mm ~ 14.5mm. It can also be set specially. ■ excellent characteristics can also be guaranteed in harsh environment, with the temperature of – 15 ° C ~ 45 ° C. Humidity 10-90% and serious dust. ■ the cost of tape wrapping is low, which is 30-50% lower than that of existing market machines. ■ unique aluminum alloy support, specially treated steel parts, Japan’s latest mechanical structure and refueling free maintenance are all the reasons to ensure the supremacy of machine performance. The box sealing machine is mainly suitable for carton packaging, which is economical, fast and easy to adjust. It can complete the up and down box sealing action at one time, which can be used alone or in combination with the assembly line. It is widely used in household appliances, textiles, food, department stores, medicine, chemical industry and other industries. The use of printing tape can improve the product image. Yilida packaging equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in developing all kinds of packaging machinery /materials and automatic assembly line /conveyor The main products are: automatic packer /bundling machine /bundling machine, pet plastic steel belt packer, buckle free steel belt packer, pneumatic steel belt packer, heat shrinkable packaging machine, sealing machine, automatic sealing machine, pneumatic nailing machine, body fitting packaging machine, blister packaging sealing machine, coding machine, hand-held inkjet printer, vacuum packaging machine, external pumping vacuum machine, hot melt adhesive machine, high cycle plastic welding machine, tensile film winding machine, tray wrapping machine Metal electrochemical marking machine, electric corrosion marking machine, origami machine, steel belt scissors, automatic assembly line, conveyor, belt production line, printing packing belt, pet plastic steel packing belt, printing sealing adhesive, PE tensile film, heat shrinkable film, PE protective film, hot melt adhesive and packaging machinery accessories. Foshan Chancheng Yilida packaging equipment Co., Ltd. address: No. 85-88, Longjin Avenue, Nanzhuang, Chancheng District, Foshan, Guangdong, China Tel: 0757-85395000 Fax: 0757-85320729
go to provide a strapping machine to replace a part or repair it. For details, go to this website:

according to your fault description, it should be that the induction switch is not sensitive. Just change another one. The induction switch of our company is a small micro switch. It costs a few yuan!

check whether the electromagnetic clutch is flexible. The photoelectric switch is not easy to break and is not too expensive

it’s time to change it. Ask where you bought it. Is there a warranty? If there is no warranty, replace the part or replace it with a new one


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