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There are some questions about packaging machinery design..

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the major of packaging engineering should be light industry. There are many designers of packaging structure. Mechanical design does not have many advantages, because people have more professional students
domestic designs are all copied by you, me and you. It is called reference. I know when I work. In fact, I don’t pay much attention to what I learned in school
small manufacturers are semi-automatic and operate in a single process. Large scale automatic or a few. For example, boxes are usually folded by workers. I know few manufacturers with automatic folding /packaging /sealing. Even in places with high hygiene requirements such as pharmaceutical factories, most of the boxes are folded by workers. However, bottling is generally automatic (for example, eyedrops and infusion are completed at one go from bottle blowing to filling)
in terms of agency, it depends on whether you are suitable. Some people do well and have a good scenery. However, we must accumulate experience. It’s best to start with business
which way to choose depends on your personal character and expertise. If you want to try, it is recommended that you design first and then switch to trade if you don’t like it. It’s a little difficult to do trade first and then go back to design.

mechanical design is very simple. Anyone who has graduated from a technical school can do it. As long as a teacher leads them to design it again, it is not just a set of formulas. As long as they have mechanical knowledge, it is enough Now enterprise products rely on sales rather than design, and technical content is not the most important
for a whole production line, the requirement is to meet the requirements at every step, and then the connection and conversion should save time and power

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