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Urgent demand for packaging cases in international trade

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in 2003, a foreign trade company in China signed a CIF contract with a customer in Western Europe to export a batch of handicrafts. It was stipulated that the inner packaging box should be provided by the customer free of charge. Three months before the delivery date stipulated in the contract, the company called “the goods will be ready, please provide the inner packing box as soon as possible”, and the customer did not reply. One month later, the company called again “the goods are ready, wait for the inner packing box urgently, otherwise the goods will not be shipped on schedule”. The customer still hasn’t replied. A few days later, the customer sent a representative of the Far East branch to the factory to see the goods, said on the spot that “the inner packaging printing is too late, it is no longer available, it can be solved by the factory itself”, and indicated to use a single corrugated carton without printing. Our factory immediately handled the cartons according to the opinions of the representative, packed them and put them into the warehouse for shipment. One month before the shipment date stipulated in the contract, the customer suddenly called: “this batch of goods still use the inner packaging provided by us.” The company immediately replied: “the goods have been packed according to the opinions of your far east company representative, and are put into the warehouse for shipment, which cannot be changed.” The customer called back and admitted that the representative of far east company agreed to our own packaging out of good intentions to solve the difficulties of the factory. However, because the user now insists on using the printed packaging box, there is no choice. I hope our party can understand and cooperate, but the other party can’t bear the economic losses, and the packaging must be changed, otherwise the contract will not be performed. In this case, considering that the buyer is an old and big customer and the relationship should not be frozen, the company had to agree to the customer’s requirements and replace the packaging again. Try to analyze what lessons we should learn from this case.

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