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Vacuum packed Quanjude roast duck

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because it’s roast duck, it should be ok if you like it, but vacuum packaged food belongs to fast food, which is almost incomparable compared with ready-made food. The ready-made Quanjude roast duck will be specially sliced by a master in layers and served on different plates. For example, the roast duck skin on the outside is glittering and burning, which is almost transparent and overflowing with oil fragrance, while the tender meat inside gives a different sense. The ready-made sauce with different flavors is stained with the meat quality of different parts, which will reflect different tastes. Compared with vacuum packaging, vacuum packaging roast duck is fragrant meat rather than delicious.

answer one by one
Quanjude roast duck vacuum packaged in Beijing is the same in every Quanjude store
all Quanjude stores basically have vacuum packaging, but they may be out of stock during the festival
it doesn’t taste very good. It’s not as good as what appears in my hometown. It has no taste
88 yuan a set, no lotus leaf cakes, 4 bags of small sauce bags
8 yuan a set of lotus leaf cakes, 30 pages

is the same group

the supermarket has, but the store hasn’t asked


the taste depends on the processing method: never steam, otherwise you will feel bad when you eat it
remove the wrapping paper, then put the whole into the microwave oven or oven, turn it over medium heat for 5 minutes, take it out and cut it into pieces. It tastes good
however, according to the introduction of Quanjude company, the effect of using an oven is better than that of a microwave oven. It’s crispy outside and tender inside. Ha ha, unfortunately, there is no oven in my family, only a microwave oven, so I haven’t tried it.

Yes, it is produced uniformly

the same group and supermarket have

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