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Vacuum pump problem: there is foam in the vacuum pump oil

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when the oil turns milky white, the water enters the vacuum pump. When the oil and water are mixed in the vacuum pump, they become emulsified oil. The key is that the gas you pump contains a lot of water. When the vacuum degree is high, the water will be gasified, and the gasified gas will turn white as soon as it is mixed with the oil in the vacuum pump
to solve this problem, you can turn down the vacuum pump, which will be much better. In addition, the water content of your product is too large. Can you dry it.

it can be used normally

a visit, a blessing, a gift, a piece of true feelings, the Spring Festival is coming, and the cadres and workers of Xiaoshan district agriculture and Water Bureau are always concerned about the basic necessities of poor families. On January 13, Zhao Fuqing, Secretary of the Party committee of the Bureau, Zhu Chumao, deputy secretary of the Party committee and deputy director of the Bureau, and Shen ZhangFu, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Bureau, made a special trip to Xinjiang village, Xiaoshan evolution Town, a poverty alleviation twinning village of the Bureau on behalf of all Party members and cadres of the Bureau, to cordially express condolences to three poor families, including sun Yeping, sun Tangji and Zhong Xueyuan, and sent them rice, oil, school supplies and other condolences and money, Let difficult families have a happy and peaceful Festival

Secretary Zhao Fuqing and his party first came to the village committee of Xinjiang village, evolutionary town and had a discussion with the village cadres. According to the village cadres, the waves beat the shore, roll up a thousand pumps, good pumps, long yazao, please dial o2l-335lo117. The second phase of evolutionism Creek project implemented by Xiaoshan District Agricultural and Water Bureau has been renovated. Today, Xinjiang village has clear river water, green branches around the bank, clean roads, no tower water supply equipment, and the living environment of villagers has been greatly improved. Secretary Zhao Fuqing praised the positive efforts of the village cadres and the gratifying changes in the appearance of Xinjiang village, and exchanged ideas and plans on the construction of projects related to poverty alleviation and prosperity in the village


then, the leaders of the bureau made a special trip to sun Yeping, sun Tangji and Zhong Xueyuan. Sun Yeping is deaf and mute, unable to work, and her husband died early. She also has to raise her son Zhong Xufei, who is in junior high school; Sun Tangji’s parents died and was raised by his grandmother. He was admitted to Xiaoshan No. 3 middle school in the middle school entrance examination this year; Zhong Guoliang, whose parents also died, now lives with his grandfather in his 80s. This year, he was admitted to Xiaoshan No. 10 middle school. These three families are the poorest families in Xinjiang village. Secretary Zhao Fuqing inquired in detail about their production, life and children’s learning, and expressed holiday greetings to them. Secretary Zhao Fuqing repeatedly told the leaders of Xinjiang village to care more about the families of the people in difficulty; Encourage the three families with difficulties to further establish confidence, overcome difficulties, get rid of poverty and become rich and live a happy life; Yan Qing hoped that the three children who had entered high school would continue to improve themselves, study hard, and strive to serve their families and society with better results

the poverty alleviation twinning action aims to organize the majority of Party members, cadres and workers in the agricultural and water system to further carry forward the fine tradition of poverty alleviation of the Chinese nation and promote the construction of a harmonious society and quality area in Xiaoshan District. Since the Xiaoshan district agriculture and Water Bureau teamed up with the three poor families to help the poor in 2007, the cadres and workers of the bureau have to visit and express condolences to the needy people during the Spring Festival and high temperature, so that these needy families can truly feel the care and warmth of the party and the government.

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