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What are the adjustment steps of the wire rolling machine?

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wire rubbing machine is a professional screw production equipment. There are many kinds of wire rubbing machines, such as automatic wire rubbing machine, flat wire rubbing machine, semi-automatic wire rubbing machine, full-automatic wire rubbing machine, high-speed wire rubbing machine, etc. The thread rolling machine is light, flexible and efficient, and has the advantages that can not be replaced by other similar equipment. It avoids the limitations of lathe, drilling machine or manual tapping, saves time and labor, is not easy to rot teeth, and the tap is not easy to break the wire rolling machine is mainly composed of lower body machine, upper body machine, transmission mechanism, feeding mechanism, cooling pump, electrical box, etc. During operation, the main motor drives the large pulley, which drives the main shaft with eccentric shaft disc, and the eccentric shaft drives the slider to move back and forth through the connecting rod. The following is a brief introduction to the adjustment steps of the lower thread rolling machine:
(1) adjustment of the transmission part
the belt pulley of the main motor of the thread rolling machine has two stages: speed and speed. When speed regulation is required, just turn the hand wheel to drive the lifting screw through the bevel gear pair to make the screw loose or tight
when you want to adjust the moving position of the slider or the length of the connecting rod, loosen the two fastening nuts of the adjusting screw sleeve to adjust the length of the connecting rod
(2) adjustment of feeding mechanism of wire rolling machine
the uppermost part of the feeding mechanism is the hopper, which generally operates normally and does not need to be adjusted. Driven by the rotation of the rolling wheel, the blanks are neatly arranged along the material path and slide downward by gravity
when changing the specification, you only need to adjust the width of the material path according to different specifications
(3) installation and adjustment of wire take-up board
due to the high requirements for manufacturing accuracy, when the wire take-up machine is just used after the purchase of new equipment, as long as the wire take-up board is placed in the fixed wire board slot and the moving wire board slot, the precise and qualified products can be made after fastening, and the bottom surface of the wire take-up board does not need to be padded with any iron or paper thin objects. As long as the gap between the upper ends of the two wire plates is adjusted and tightened, the wire rolling can be started
however, due to the manufacturing error and assembly error of the wire rolling machine manufactured by general enterprises, the qualified products may not be obtained without adjustment after the wire rolling plate is installed. The gap at the upper end of the wire take-up plate should be adjusted until the blank just enters, but the gap should not be too wide, otherwise the blank will fall down, but it should not be adjusted too tightly, and the wire plate will fall down if the blank cannot enter. Adjusting the gap between the upper and lower ends is realized by rotating two set screws and the middle tension screw. The gap near the end of the wire plate shall be relatively small, but the products rubbed must be qualified
(4) adjustment of the guide rail surface of the wire rolling machine
when the wire rolling machine is used for a long time, the guide rail surface of the machine will be worn, and the two wire plates will be uneven up and down, which will lead to waste products. In this case, two solutions can be taken: one is to shovel and scrape the machine, and the other can be padded with metal gaskets. However, the sizing block is not a long-term plan, which will bring trouble to the adjustment. If you want to solve it completely, you must shovel and scrape it
(5) adjustment of the lubrication system of the wire rolling machine
the lubrication system of the wire rolling machine is divided into two aspects: transmission lubrication and operation lubrication. The transmission system should be cleaned and added with gear oil, guide rail oil and hydraulic oil regularly to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment and reduce the process error; In the operation part, special tapping oil is usually used to reduce the direct contact between the threading machine and the workpiece, so as to reduce the loss of equipment and reduce the production cost of the enterprise.

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