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What are the advantages of foam packaging?

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1. Light weight. Foam packaging is relatively light, very convenient in handling process, and with good flexibility, elasticity and flexibility, it has been widely used as representative of environmental protection materials in packaging field. Br>
2. Environmental protection. Firstly, the material of the product is non-toxic, tasteless and non corrosive. It has good flame retardant performance, high temperature resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, wear resistance and not easy to wear. Because it belongs to closed cell structure, it is moisture-proof, non absorbent and has good water resistance. It can also resist the chemical corrosion of various organic solvents, acids and alkalis. Of course, such products must have the characteristics of easy molding and easy processing, as well as excellent anti-static performance, which stems from the independent and fine closed pores of the product itself, which can ensure that the product will not be affected by dry humidity and become a permanent anti-static product

3. Protection function: in the process of storage and transportation, goods go through loading and unloading, transportation, inventory, display, sales and other links. During this period, many external factors, such as impact, humidity, light, gas, bacteria and so on, will threaten the safety of goods. The structure and materials of packaging are very important for ensuring the safety of commodities in circulation. Good foam packaging has better protection function and can fully guarantee the safety of products in circulation. Br>
4. It has the ability to absorb impact load. When the foam packaging product is subjected to impact loading, the gas in the foam can be dissipated and dissipated by stagnation and compression, and the foam body will gradually terminate the impact load with smaller negative acceleration. Therefore, it has better seismic effect. Br>
5. Anti static performance. Due to the low conductivity of Wenzhou foam products, it is easy to generate self electrification in friction, which will not affect the general user products. Br>
6, anti-aging and corrosion resistance. Except for long-term exposure to high-energy radiation, the product has no obvious aging phenomenon. It can withstand many chemical substances, such as dilute acid, dilute alkali, methanol, lime, asphalt, etc. I sincerely hope these can help you.


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