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What are the benefits of rice vacuum packaging?

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we can see that now rice is generally packed in vacuum bags. Because vacuum bags have low cost and good quality, they are convenient for rice storage, so they are used more frequently. Next, let’s talk about some characteristics of vacuum packaging bags

rice vacuum packaging bags are bonded with one, two or more base films and nylon or pet through special glue for film. Rice vacuum packaging bags produced by factories generally have anti-oxidation, waterproof, moisture-proof, strong mechanical properties and high explosion resistance. Moreover, it has strong puncture and tear resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, which meets the national standard
What are the characteristics and advantages of rice vacuum bags:
1 Rice vacuum packaging bag has the characteristics of high barrier: the barrier properties of different plastic materials are very different. Gongji film can achieve the high barrier effects of water, oxygen, water and carbon dioxide odor.   
2. Rice vacuum packaging bag has strong functions: oil resistance, moisture resistance, low temperature freezing resistance, quality assurance, fresh preservation and odor protection. It can be used for vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging and inflatable packaging
3. Advantages of rice vacuum packaging bag: compared with glass packaging, aluminum foil packaging and other plastic packaging, Gongji film has great advantages in cost. Due to the simple process, the cost of film products can be reduced by 10-20 compared with composite film and other films

rice vacuum packaging bag has the advantages of three-dimensional forming, self forming, strong air barrier performance, waterproof and moisture-proof. Beautiful appearance, easy to eat, can increase the shelf life of products, especially suitable for vacuum packaging of Cereals, flour, small food and other products

the above is a brief introduction to the characteristics and advantages of rice vacuum packaging bags. I hope it will help you. Zhuhai Baoxing packaging products Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of plastic composite color printing flexible packaging and other packaging products. The vacuum packaging bag mentioned above is one of the company’s main products, which has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, strong mechanical performance, high explosion resistance, safety and environmental protection.


first, the shelf life will be extended. After isolating the air, the possibility of oxidation will be reduced and the taste of rice will be greatly improved
the second is to reduce pests. Some rice will have insect eggs such as rice weevil. Although these insects are harmless to human body, many people are still confused. When the air is isolated, the hatching process of these eggs and adults is suspended.

the vacuum packing bag can protect the rice from moisture due to the weather. It can also keep the original flavor of the rice and prolong the service time of the rice.

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