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What are the benefits of small and medium-sized enterprises listed on the new third board?

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Hello, topic owner. The new third board has been quite popular recently, and many small and medium-sized enterprises do not know whether they should be listed. In fact, we can understand the advantages and disadvantages of listing on the new third board

first, the state provides financial support to enterprises listed on the new third board. If you are a listed enterprise on the new third board, even if you have no mortgage guarantee, it is easy to get loans in the bank, because your equity is the recognized market value

second: financing and bidding. If small and medium-sized enterprises want to develop, they must have capital costs. There are also some enterprises listed on the new third board for the purpose of bidding

third: advertising effect. No matter which of the above situations you are in, the advertising effect brought about by listing on the new third board is undoubtedly extremely obvious. First of all, CCTV 2 will report the company’s share price every day, and the Internet and mobile terminals will also track and publish the company’s share price. If the cost is calculated, it will save a considerable budget for the enterprise


fourth: brand influence. The new third board listed companies spread brand information and emotion to consumers through various channels such as the media, which has formed a strong brand influence on consumers’ psychology and brought immeasurable benefits to enterprises. However, in the Internet era, all information of enterprises can be retrieved through search engines. If enterprises do not pay attention to the packaging and planning of Internet brand image, the disadvantages brought by the listing of the new third board to enterprises are also obvious: the audience will evaluate the strength of enterprises through your Internet brand image and classify them. It is concluded that this also means that your stock market index will be seriously affected, Projects with intention to cooperate are also facing severe tests. Ignoring the power of the influence of the Internet brand image, the brand will be eliminated in the fierce market competition.

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