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What are the cutting methods of membrane structure?

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cutting processing drawing: cutting processing drawing includes diaphragm blanking drawing, membrane material layout drawing and membrane surface processing drawing. The diaphragm blanking diagram refers to the plane diaphragm that takes into account the strain compensation, that is, the plane coordinates and warp direction of each clipper. The film material layout refers to the arrangement diagram of each cutting sheet on the film material with a specific width. After considering the large amount of edges and corners and the direction of longitude and latitude, the arrangement shall be as compact as possible to save the film material; The membrane surface processing drawing is the assembly drawing of each cutting piece. On the processing drawing, in addition to indicating the position of each cutting piece and joint, it is also necessary to give the treatment method and quantity of joint and corner, joint direction, reinforcement position and scope, film material model and specification, joint detection requirements, folding sequence and direction identification requirements during packaging

cutting method for solving membrane structure: the cutting shear accepts the membrane structure in the wrong process in any case, because there will be errors in the space formed by the flat surface on the membrane, and then the anisotropic membrane cloth is a nonlinear material. Its tension changes the shape of the space, which is bound to be different from the original design shape. So far, many methods have been established to solve this problem. The inevitable high accuracy of this method is difficult to evaluate, but there are still several criteria that can be used to determine that the cutting method is practical, that is, reliability, flexibility and completion time. In the interactive cutting process of membrane structure:

1. Cutting seam layout: the membrane structure on the surface should be considered when cutting the following factors


2. Surface curvature: the previous cutting method cannot give any point of the curvature of the upper surface, because this software is used in the shielding unit, so you can get the curvature of each unit. If the curvature of adjacent cells changes widely, it indicates that the surface deformation is very serious at this position. If the slit is not cut here, restart, and then cut the boundary of the diaphragm, there will be a large arc. The approximate direction geodesic can be judged from the curvature change trend of adjacent cells

3. Width of membrane material: in the process of table investigation, when engaging the aircraft, we must consider the width of membrane material and include it in the membrane fabric as much as possible. The membrane unit is complete, otherwise it can be determined by the position of the boundary point of the interpolated membrane block

4. Trend of Boundary: if the boundary is flat, consider using the long side of the membrane block, otherwise there are only multiple membrane blocks spliced into the short side of the boundary

5. Appearance: because the membrane material is translucent, the actual structure can clearly see the seam, so the layout must be regular and reasonable, and it is best to form some beautiful patterns to increase the beauty of the structure. If the membrane surface set by cable or spinal cord compression, it is best to make the cutting line or spinal cord compression joint overlap, so that the cable can not be difficult to weld the pattern layout

for simple and regular developable surfaces, geometric methods can be directly used to expand them. For complex surfaces, it needs to be determined by computer method. At present, the commonly used cutting methods include geodesic line method and plane intersection cutting method. Geodesic clipping method: geodesic was originally a concept in geodesy, also known as geodesic. It is usually understood as the shortest curve passing through two points on the surface and existing on the surface. The geodesic line on the developable surface is a straight line after the surface is expanded into a plane; Geodesics on undevelopable surfaces approach straight lines after unfolding. Geodesic cutting method is to divide the space membrane surface with geodesic. The problem of finding the geodesic on a surface is actually a problem of finding the functional extremum of the length of the curve between two points on the surface

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