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What are the design standards for mechanical design?

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What are the relevant national standards that must be referred to for mechanical design (drawing)?

in mechanical design, the design of various parts and assemblies must first meet your design needs, that is, they must be able to realize their functions. Where standard parts (such as bearings, bolts, nuts, etc.) are used, your design should be consistent with the standard parts. As for those places where standard parts are not used, you can design the size, shape, etc. according to your needs. However, there are general standards and specifications for many things, For example, shaft diameter, shaft length, chamfer, undercut, etc
for details, you can refer to the mechanical design manual, heavy machinery standards and other manuals, which are all available

there are many reference design standards for institutions. I suggest you go to to inquire. There are all these standards. You can refer to them

search the mechanical design manual on the Internet. It is suggested to go to the electric donkey. There are detailed standards on it.


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