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What are the differences between turnbuckle scaffold and traditional scaffold

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1. Multifunctional: according to specific construction requirements, it can form single and double row scaffolds with different frame sizes, shapes and bearing capacity, support frames, support columns and other multi-functional construction equipment
2. It has high efficiency: simple structure, simple and fast disassembly and assembly, completely avoiding the loss of bolt operation and scattered fasteners. The assembly and disassembly speed of joints is more than 5 times higher than that of conventional blocks, which is fast and labor-saving. Workers can complete all operations with one hammer
3. With large bearing capacity: the vertical rod connection is coaxial socket, the node is in the frame plane, the joint has bending, shear and torsional mechanical properties, stable structure and large bearing capacity

4. With safety and reliability: the function of self gravity is considered in the joint design, so that the joint has reliable two-way self-locking ability. The load acting on the cross bar is transmitted to the vertical bar through the turnbuckle, which has strong shear resistance (the larger is 199kn)

5. The products have standardized packaging, less maintenance, fast loading and unloading, convenient transportation and easy storage

6. The service life of the turnbuckle scaffold is much longer than that of the fastener scaffold, which can generally be used for more than 10 years. Due to the abandonment of the bolt connection. The components are resistant to collision. Even if they are rusted, they will not affect the use of assembly and disassembly


7. It has the function of early removal: the cross bar can be removed in advance for turnover, saving materials, wood and labor. Truly achieve energy conservation, environmental protection, economy and practicality.

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type turnbuckle scaffold is mainly composed of vertical rod, horizontal rod (cross rod), inclined pull rod, adjustable base, U-shaped jacking, ladder, etc. With the rapid development of domestic economy, there are more and more large-scale engineering construction. In this case, the scaffold industry can develop. The new type of buckle scaffold is widely used in construction because of its unique characteristics

What are the specifications of the turnbuckle scaffold? Complete specifications and models of turnbuckle scaffold

the so-called turnbuckle scaffold refers to the socket and socket turnbuckle type scaffold for scaffold pipes:

1. Specification of vertical pole: width 60 * 3.2 * 500 (1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000); Width 48 * 3.2 * 500 (1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000)

2. Specification of horizontal bar: width 48 * 2.5 * 240 (540, 840, 1140, 1440, 1740, 1940); Width 42 * 2.5 * 240 (540, 840, 1140, 1440, 1740, 1940)

buckle scaffold is also called disc scaffold, plug-in scaffold, Raya frame, system frame, etc. At present, due to the influence of steel pipe fastener scaffold and the fact that China’s construction market values immediate interests in building materials, it is difficult to popularize this kind of scaffold in China

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