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What are the functions of modern packaging?

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Now packaging is an indispensable part of products. What functions does packaging have for products?

paper occupies the first place in packaging materials, because paper containers have unique advantages that cannot be compared with other materials. The reasons are: 1. Paper is easy to form mass production, with sufficient raw materials and low price. 2. The paper container is convenient for mechanized production or manual production, and has excellent folding performance. 3. The packaging container made of paper has certain elasticity, while the carton made of corrugated board has significantly better elasticity than the container made of plastic products and other packaging materials. 4. Paper products can be designed into a variety of box types according to different commodities, so that the designed carton can be combined with commodities with “breathing” requirements, and a completely closed container can be designed. Paper products are hygienic and non-toxic. Pollution-free characteristics. 5. Paper is interwoven with fibers, which can absorb ink and paint, so that it has good printing performance, and the handwriting and pattern are clear and firm. 6. Paper containers can be recycled without waste and environmental pollution.

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